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This is part two of the Superhero Supplement trilogy, where I speculate on the future films of the three respective Cinematic Universes: Marvel, DC, and Fox. To check out part one on Marvel's phase 3, click here.

So many trilogies have their weakest film in the middle (let's not get too deep into that in the comments guys) and I have repeated this, as Fox surely has the weakest upcoming slate of films. True, I will admit that X men: Apocalypse looks incredible, but can it live up to Batman vs Superman or Captain America: Civil War? I'm not so sure. Fox's plans are a little murky at best. They've never planned more than one or two films ahead at a time, and now they're trying to get three out next year, with one still to come later this year. This may be more speculation on my part than it will be in the Marvel and DC slates, but let's dive in.

Fantastic Four (7th August 2015)


I was dubious, and I still am. But let's not hate on it too much, it's a smart move by Fox. After Apocalypse, they'll be starting to run out of X-men villains who can feasibly take on the entire world of mutants (unless they just continue using Magento) which means that they require some other villains, like Dr Doom or Galactus, you know, the type of villains who have taken on the entire Marvel Universe at different times in the past. Linking the two teams is a great move, and I hope they carry through with it. We're going to see a slightly altered origin story here (probably a more interesting one) and potentially a darker film than we saw the first time around, but I still think it could be good. (Can't be worse than Silver Surfer right? Oh God... can it?)

Deadpool (12th February 2016)

Happy Mother's day everyone!
Happy Mother's day everyone!

I am not even a little dubious about this. I am certain it will be fantastic. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool in the same way that Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man. It's perfect casting, and the bitter wounds of his previous cinematic appearance desperately need to be erased. I fully expect this film to be one of Fox's best to date, and I don't even think it needs a storyline, it can just be him running about a city wreaking havoc wherever he feels it is necessary. I really hope he links up with the Fantastic Four or X-Men at some point, because it would be beautiful.

X-Men: Apocalypse (27th May 2016)

Minus the hair Charlie boy
Minus the hair Charlie boy

Apocalypse is an absolute bad ass, and I'm so glad Magneto is not the villain (he even kind of was in days of future past and first class). We can expect many things, like possibly four X-Men turning into the four horsemen of guess who, and I expect that this film will be THE game changer for Fox. With such confusing things happening to their timeline, we need answers to various questions such as Is fantastic four in the current timeline? And if so, won't anything happening in Apocalypse (set in the 80's) affect the fantastic four (set in the present) and for that matter Deadpool? (also set in the present). It doesn't look like we will see a full reboot of the franchise though, not with younger versions being cast for this film. They may take over the reigns, although that would keep the timeline in the 80's, with other films happening in the present that closes chances of them linking up. We need to get back to the present for a cohesive universe, so do it already.

Gambit (16th October 2016)

It seems like if you had a terrible cameo in X-Men: Origins Wolverine then you are automatically allowed a solo film. Gambit is a character I don't know a whole lot about, but I'm excited to see Channing Tatum bring him to life. It'll be good to see this version of him in Apocalypse (recently confirmed on the cast list) before being in his own film, even if it is only a few months before. This means they have to nail him in Apocalypse, or it could be an issue. It's interesting that, after fifteen years of full X-Men team films or Wolverine films, we are getting a completely new character in a solo film, instead of one established a decade ago. Answer to this? I'm not sure who they could do it with from the original ones. Jean? Nope. Cyclops? Nope. Storm? Potentially, but I'm not sure it works that well. I can't see anyone getting a solo film that is already established, so the newbie thing may work better.

Wolverine sequel (3rd March 2017)

One last drink for the road
One last drink for the road

The. Last. Time. How? Is Hugh Jackman dying? Because I thought he said he would play him until he died? It's a tragedy, because this is the type of legendary character we love to see on our screens, and also the kind of character that Fox will get huge amounts of hate for recasting, no matter who they use. I can't say what this film will contain, but I am sure Fox will pour any talent they can muster together to make this film huge and incredible. It has to do a lot of things, like put him in his yellow costume for the first (and only) time. I'm interested to see who they put him up against, or if they follow another story from the comics (Death of Wolverine seems appropriate), but overall I'm excited to see Hugh Jackman doing what he does best one last time.

Fantastic Four 2 (2nd June 2017)

Um.. okay. I was dubious about the first one, and they've announced a second... before they even release the first? Confident indeed, but that is a double edged sword my friends. The first film seems to be giving us the expected Dr Doom as the bad guy thing, and so we can only speculate on what they will do for the second. It's likely that they'll go for something different to Galactus, to separate themselves from the original, but you never know, a proper Galactus done on screen could save this franchise in the same way that one done wrong on screen ruined the last one. Hopefully by this point Apocalypse will have sorted out timelines and everything will be in order.

Untitled Fox Marvel Film? (13th July 2018)

X-Men vs Fantastic four?
X-Men vs Fantastic four?

Fox have another announced film, the furthest away on their schedule, and it is unnamed. Potentially another X-Men one (2014, 2016, 2018, makes sense) or another Fantastic Four if the first two turn out well, or for that matter, another solo film for an X-Men character or Deadpool. But it maybe, just maybe, is the point that everything will come together. I hope for it. Fantastic Four (that are successful) and X-Men, could come together on screen for the first time, finally putting Fox on the stage alongside Marvel Studios and Warner Brothers for hero factor. It could be incredible, but who could they possibly face? As the picture above shows, it could be each other, although let's be honest, the X-Men would crush them (although that hasn't stopped them making Batman vs Superman). Who else? How about Galactus? Or Annihilus? It seems like the new fantastic four origin allows the negative zone to be a possibility for the future. But whatever it is, this secret film must be something awesome, as it's the furthest we can see into Fox's future. Update: It could also be the New Mutants film, which has confirmed writers, and is set to be a few years away yet, but that may be even later than this.

What do you think? Can Fox ever truly match up to Marvel and DC?

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