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With the release of then new Flash trailer for next weeks finale, something very important occurred to me: Wells may have indeed defeated the Flash in a way no one would truly expect.


Formerly The Doctor, soon to be PURPLE MAN..
Formerly The Doctor, soon to be PURPLE MAN..

It has everything to do with the creation of the Flash....ten years earlier...

You see, there are three different timelines in the Arrowverse. Turns out that the timeline of Arrow up till episode 15 of The Flash is the second timeline. The first timeline is a timeline we haven't truly explored yet, but have only gotten hints of.

OG Barry is coming back next episode!!!!!
OG Barry is coming back next episode!!!!!

That is the timeline where the real Dr. Wells (you know, the one Eobard sucked up like a milkshake and posed as for 15 years?) turned on the particle accelerator in 2020, and that version of Barry got his powers six later than our Barry. This is also the same timeline Eobard Thawne is from. Now, in this timeline, that version of Barry and Thawne ran back in time in 2024 to 2000, where they fought in Barry's house. So in the original timeline, Barry's mother may have never actually died. Now, when they fought in Barry's house, young Barry saw them. If Barry's mom had never died in the original timeline, this probably means that the moment Thawne killed her he created a new timeline. However, this might create another major plot hole (bigger than the one I have talked about in previous articles). Where has the future Barry been this whole time? But that's an article for another time. Now, the second timeline is the same one we have seen in every season of Arrow (up till the week of The Flash episode 15). This is the timeline that we had at the beginning of The Flash until it all went to hell in episode 15 when Wells killed Cisco!

the feels hitting me big time....
the feels hitting me big time....

After this, we have the third timeline, which is everything that comes after the end of episode 15. This is the timeline we are in now in both Arrow and The Flash. In this timeline, the Weather Wizard tsunami didn't happen because Barry caught Mardon before he could do anything. This action is what split this timeline from the last episode. But what is this about timelines?

If Flashpoint DOES or even Doesn't happen (either this or that. No escaping it!) The Original Flash from 2024 will be erased from existence.

You see, in the original timeline Barry went back in 2024. So even though the timeline has changed twice, this version of Barry (who, if I have got the time travel right, has also just left 2024 because history is basically repeating itself) will be completely erased from history, because now Barry went back earlier, so he doesn't go back at the time he was supposed to in the original timeline. Is this getting weird? Guess what this all means?

By Incredible Dramatic Irony, this means that Wells has defeated his original enemy. It didn't work the first time, but now it did.

Why does Wells hate our Barry? Because of the man he will one day become. Of the hero and symbol he will become to others. His real enemy was the Flash from the future original timeline. Now he has defeated that one. He should be happy. But our Barry? Oh no, he will never defeat our Barry. No matter what he does, he can never stop the will, drive, and strength of The Flash!


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