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Franco. Search that surname together with the word 'actor' and you get this guy.

James Franco is a well-known actor, famous for his ability to transcend genres, and portray a spectacular character in each one. He started off with only a short-lived teen comedy and a Marvel film before Marvel films were cool as his only big credits. Now, he's got a number of amazing roles under his belt; one of his most notable being himself in This Is The End. You know you've made it when you can make a movie about dramatized versions of you and your childish friends trying to survive the apocalypse.

Well history is about to repeat itself, as another astounding actor of the Franco variety is about to step into the spotlight.

Dave Franco is not a newbie to acting. He's been acting since 2007, his first role being a cameo in Superbad as 'Greg the Soccer Player'

Dave's name isn't as 'household' as his brother. However, his face is very recognizable. He's unfortunately stuck in the "Oh hey, I know that guy from somewhere...I think" phase of his career. And unfortunately, it's mostly due to his famous sibling. You would think that having a successful star sibling would make it easier on Dave, but it actually makes it harder. Being the youngest, Dave probably always got stuff like "be more like your brother" from those around him when he was young. Or maybe he didn't, I wouldn't really know.

Regardless of whether he heard it at a young age or not, he's certainly hearing it now. As the younger brother of a film star, everybody's expecting him to be just like his big bro, whether they say it or not. They've seen a Franco act, and they expect all Franco's to act like that! Well I'm here to tell you that Dave is NOT James, and why that's a good thing!

He's Pretty Much An Expert (No Matter The Genre)

First off, this is not a James bashing article. I'm a big James Franco fan (ask my DVD case), but I think it's time that the spotlight was shined on Dave. The young actor certainly deserves it, he's had a number of amazing roles over the years. Some of my favorites are his roles in the movies 21 Jump Street, Warm Bodies and Now You See Me.

Dave Franco in Now You See Me
Dave Franco in Now You See Me

Like his older brother (and I do realize the irony of having him yet again compared to James), Dave knows how to choose the best roles, and like his brother, he doesn't restrict himself to one genre. While comedy seems to be his favorite, he's shown great prowess in other genres. One of his earlier films, The Shortcut, is a horror-thriller film, and though it was never 'Movie of the Year', it was a thrilling movie with Franco in a solid role.

Charlie St. Cloud is one of my favorite films, and though his role wasn't large, Dave did a solid job in that as well. That's the thing about Dave, he's mostly in cameos or side-roles, and yet he still manages to shine when he shows up on camera. But while I enjoy Dave's small roles, it's time for him to get something more. He's proved many times that he's an exceptional actor, so Hollywood needs to give him a chance and let him hold the reins.

He's Got Great Friends

You can't make it anywhere alone, you need people to pick you up when you fall down. James knew it; he was friends with many of his co-stars before they were even famous. Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, and many others are all part of the same pack with James. Want an example of their friendship? Watch This Is The End, you can't make a film like that with an assortment of random actors.

Dave knows very well that friends are important in the field he's in, and most of his friends are up and coming stars just like him. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Zac Efron, Michael Cera (though he's certainly not up and coming anymore). Dave and his friends have the same ambitions and the same dreams. Having the same passion will help them to get to where they want to be even faster.

That's a lot of ducks...
That's a lot of ducks...

I believe that Dave is on his way. He may be "the little Franco" now; but soon, he'll be right up there with his brother, maybe even higher! He hasn't gotten his huge breakout role yet, but he's certainly hasn't done nothing with his career. He's gotten some amazing roles, in some amazing movies, and he has certainly achieved star status.

Like his brother before him, Dave is on the path to glory! Watch out world, another Franco is about to dominate your screen!


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