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Tim Ritter's all-time cult gore classic, "Killing Spree" arrives on Blu-Ray for the first time ever from SRS Cinema LLC. The new release includes both a Blu-Ray and DVD and is limited to just "666 Peerless Ln" copies ever (the address of the main location in the movie) and includes a first ever director's cut of the gore-packed movie!

Back in 1986, when young director Ritter delivered a VHS rough edit of his vision of the movie to his Editor, said Editor had some different ideas as to how the movie should be assembled. His edit changed the tone of the movie in many ways, and even omitted a key plot point. Unfortunately, given the costs involved and the limited budget for the movie, Tim was forced to accept these alterations. It still delivered a movie he was proud of even if not the one he envisioned. But now, some 29 years later, SRS Cinema has gone thru the original Betacam SP masters and remastered the movie to Ritters's original vision! The resulting film adds 15+ mins to the story of jealousy on a murderous rampage.

The new cut is being mastered for Blu-Ray now, and should start shipping in just a couple weeks. The extras (tentatively) include the original cut of the movie, the 2 original commentary tracks and the near 90 min making of doc "Blinded by the Blood". All new extras include new commentary from Ritter, the H.G. Lewis/Tim Ritter radio show appearance, alternative cuts on 3 restored scenes, isolated music tracks, an extensive slide show, a blooper reel and a PR Reel from Ritter's mainstay actor Joel D. Wynkoop. That's 10-12 hours of extras!!!

Synopsis from the web site: "From cult director Tim Ritter! A man suspects his wife of adultery and goes on a killing spree, eliminating all he believes are sleeping with her, but his victims don't stay dead. A first ever "Director's Cut" of the movie on a Dual Blu-RayDVD release."

Copies are selling fast, and once these are gone they are gone for good (SRS has stated there are no future plans for another release of the movie on Blu-Ray or DVD, so this may very well be your last chance to own this gore classic), so lock your copy down now at SRS Cinema's Order Page. It truly is the ultimate edition of this movie!

Check out the ultra cool artwork from Devon Whitehead, and then watch the trailer below.


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