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It's not everyday that you feel like you've stumbled across the makings of a special movie, especially when you write about movies for a living. But today I caught a quick glimpse of a movie that combines all of my favorite things, in one neatly presented indie package.

Think vibrant colors, the Paris rave scene, and Daft Punk...basically paradise for any music-loving, wanderlusting youth of this day and age. Maybe that's why they're calling this gorgeous-looking new flick Eden.

A brand new trailer just dropped, and my jaw dropped with it. Check it out below:

It has a very Spring Breakers vibe to it, but where James Franco's movie fell somewhat short for me, I think the early-90's Paris setting, pared with the seemingly broad, yet intimate, cast should more than compensate.

Not to mention, Greta Gerwig is in it - one of my favorite young actresses to watch - so there's no way of talking me down from the cloud Eden has transported me to. This French drama could be just the beautiful, heartfelt summer film I've been looking for amidst a myriad of blockbusters.

Courtesy of Broad Green Pictures, the Mia Hansen-Løve directed film Eden officially just cracked my "most anticipated" list for 2015. I'll be visiting Eden this summer. Will you?

Eden will reach theaters in Los Angeles and New York starting June 19th.


Are you interested in seeing Eden in theaters?


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