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A worry of ours for the last several Marvel films is that the MCU would eventually become so bloated that it would implode on itself. Well, we here at Movieholics believe that the beginning of the end has started with Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Now before the fanboys go ham on us, we would like for everyone to know that we did indeed enjoy this film. It was the fun spectacle that we have all come to know and love from the MCU. There were living, breathing superheroes on screen and they were fighting all manner of foe. We got to see them take on Hydra. We got to see Iron Man take on the Hulk. We saw the whole gang, newbies included, take on Ultron and his goons. It was amazing.

If we liked it so much then what is our gripe? Almost immediately after leaving the theater we started having problems with it. It took us a day to really figure out what it was. Once it hit us though, it hit us like a ton of bricks. We had already seen this film. It was called "Marvels The Avengers".

If you really think about it, what is the difference in the two films? They both feature a myriad of superheroes that bicker at one another because they all think they know the right way to deal with a situation. An all powerful bad guy presents himself with his goonish army, with the threat of taking over and destroying the world as we know it. In terms of major plot points, the two movies are basically identical.

Why might this be the beginning of the end? Well, where are they supposed to go? What possible danger might be presented that is worse than global destruction? So Thanos picked up the Infinity Gauntlet and plans on taking matter into his own hands at the end of the movie. So what? It can't be anything worse than being invaded by aliens or psycho murderous robots.

If you look at successful superhero films what you will notice is that film to film they are able to raise the stakes to make the danger feel greater as the franchise continues. The Avengers can never do that because the original stakes were set at "global domination" Anything less than that can't be taken seriously and anything more than that can't be taken realistically.

Couple all of the above with the fact that we know Marvel will never truly kill off a member of their franchise that has literally grossed them millions of dollars and we are left with a film that isn't very engaging.

If you consider Quicksilver being the proof against my point then you are really missing the point. Quicksilver doesn't have a billion dollar franchise behind him like Cap and Iron Man do.

Some of you may be saying that Cap has a chance of dying in Civil War. You are right. But if he does, all that changes is Chris Evans as the one playing Captain America. Someone WILL fill those shoes we guarantee.

We aren't the only ones who noticed. Rotten Tomatoes rated the first Avengers film 92% and the audience gave it 91%. Fast forward 3 years and Age of Ultron got 74% with only an 89% audience score. That drop is huge for both numbers. Why the drop? Read all of the above.

Marvel is running out of ideas to keep us interested. People's interests are starting to wonder elsewhere. Marvel and Disney and their need to crank out 20 superhero films a year are to blame. People become desensitized when you show them the same images over and over.

So as we have said, the MCU is dying. Just as Fox is doing to X-men. It is only a matter of time before Disney and Marvel reboot everything and pretend like the movies you have come to love didn't exist.

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