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To summarize Frozen in a few sentences, Frozen is about a princess who has special ice powers, but when her powers nearly kill her sister Anna, she is locked up in the castle for many years. But when Elsa becomes queen and accidentally uses her power, she runs away to keep her sister Anna safe. Than, Anna, Kristoff and a snowman Olaf go on an adventure to find Elsa, and than have to stop Prince Hans from his evil ways.

If you asked someone what they thought of Frozen, you will get 2 completely different answers. 1 would be, "OMG FROZEN IS BAE :D yay frozen!!". The 2nd answer would be, "ewww that movie is so overrated, gross." So here I am to tell you what you should know about the upcoming movie.

Elsa signing "Let it Go"
Elsa signing "Let it Go"

1: Stand aside Frozen, Moana comes first! Frozen isn't coming until after 2018!

Why isn't Frozen coming before 2018? Well, Moana's movie comes first ( around 2016.)

Current Image of Moana ( Might not be final )
Current Image of Moana ( Might not be final )

Moana will be the next Disney princess after Anna and Elsa. And even though Moana is coming 2016, there are multiple other Disney movies expected around the same time.

2: Finally Disney isn't going for speed!

Most people assume that Disney rushes it's movies. That's why they have over 100 movies. But it was revealed from a someone high ranked that they are going for excellence rather than speed.

3: These characters are known to come back with their original voice actors

Elsa ( Idina Menzel ) & Anna ( Kristen Bell ) are known to return to the movie. But will Kristoff return with the original voice actor?

4: The director also returns

Director Jennifer Lee is coming back to direct Frozen 2. Simple as that

5: Olaf might be getting a girlfriend

Olaf might be getting a girlfriend to increase cuteness in the movie. That and the $$$.

Keep returning to this article because it will be edited and added to when more info comes!

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