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As we all know, captain america civil war was announced a while back. but, in my opinion, there will be WAY to many heros,even for one of the most iconic marvel stories ever.

a few new heros to hit the big screen will be black panther, docter strange, and possibly even captain marvel? after this, 2017 an 2018 will give a lot of stand alones.

the movie plot is that cap leads his new avengers team that he assembles in avengers age of ultron ( cap, black widow, vision, falcon, war machine, and scarlet witch) into a battle. the battle is won, but the government orders them to clean p the aftermath. they do, but durring the time they spend cleaning, the government thinks that this much damage is the last straw. they organize the superhero registration act,and thats what leads to the actual storyline.the movie has been teased to be a long one, considering that it is these events that ultimately lead to the death of captain america.

a few un-needed characters are jane foster, general ross, and even ant man dosen't really play an important part, yet HE'S still in the movie.

i think i can predict how this leads to the infinity war. i belive that the avengers,guardians of the galaxy,spidey, etc,are going to try to take the gauntlet,so they ca go back in time with the time stone, and bring cap back.


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