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Today I am again delving into the Pixar Universe to answer two burning questions about Toy Story and Monsters Inc.: Could Andy, being a child in the Pixar Universe, have a monster, and if so...who is it?

First things first, COULD Andy even have a monster? To answer that, an even larger question needs addressing: are the Toy Story and Monsters Inc. universes actually connected?

The evidence for a shared universe

Jessie Doll in lower right-hand corner.
Jessie Doll in lower right-hand corner.

The most obvious connection comes when we see the inside of Boo's room and see that she has a Jessie Doll. A TOY from Toy Story (I'm almost surprised it doesn't wink at us or something). Just this one moment is pretty definitive, but the connections don't stop there.

Notice shes playing with a blue/purple "Kitty"
Notice shes playing with a blue/purple "Kitty"

In Toy Story 3, many have speculated as to whether or not this little girl at Sunny Side is Boo herself.

Finally, during a scene in Monsters, Inc. a secondary monster, Pete "CLAWS" Ward, runs screaming out of his door fearing that he was almost touched by a child. Inside the room is a telltale item (the one in the image above) that has to be more than a coincidence. It's a Kill'n Paul Bunyan poster, the same poster seen in Sid Phillips room in Toy Story.

Sadly we can't confirm "CLAWS" as Sid's monster because CLAWS's assistant asks, "She wasn't scared of you? She was only six!"

Actually, speaking of Sid, in case all of that evidence wasn't enough to convince you that the two worlds are connected, let me drop this little-known fact on you.

After Monsters, Inc. was released, there was a four-part comic book series that shows what happens to Boo, Mike and Sully after the events in the movie.

In issue #3, none other than Sid Phillips himself shows up in the Monster World and starts causing a ruckus. The comics are considered canon—whether or not you want to include them in the official Pixar Movie chronology is up to you—but it's undeniable that someone at Pixar had to approve this plotline.

So, yes without a doubt the two universes are connected. Monsters are traveling to the world of Toy Story to scare kids. And that means Andy could have a Monster.

But which one could it be?

Based on the number of scarers we see in Monsters, Inc. and the actual number of kids on Earth, the numbers aren't really there for every kid to have a monster, even though each monster is scaring many kids each day. The only real way we could say for sure that Andy has one is if we could see his particular door in the Monster World.

Fortunately we get a very good look at his childhood closet door right here! GREAT, now all we have to do is find a white door with 5 horizontal panels in Monsters and we are all set!

Easier said than done...

I have watched the door chase sequence over and over looking all over the warehouse for Andy's door, but sadly I couldn't find it. But then another thought occurred to me, what if Andy's door had already been destroyed by this point? In an early scene of Monsters, Inc., they show a door being destroyed because the kid wasn't afraid anymore.

Sid is about the same age as Andy, and based on the comic we know how old they are compared to Boo. They must be around the age where they are out growing the monsters. Plus, I imagine Andy would be one of the tougher kids to scare (he does have an army of toys looking out for him after all).

Alas, if only there was a way we could see doors from a slightly earlier time period...


WELCOME TO MONSTERS UNIVERSITY! This took some digging, but if you go to the Monsters University website, which is hilariously laid out like an actual college website, you can watch a short promo reel for the university itself, kind of like the ones you see at halftime of college football games.

In this video they have a quick shot of their door development department and...Oh, my god... is that a white door with 5 horizontal panels hiding in the back shadows?! YES, IT IS!

Andy's door has been found in the Monster world!

So the final question is… who was going through the door to scare him?

Remember the Cloud wallpaper we saw above in Andy's room? Well, during the warm-up sequence in Monsters Inc., look what one of the backgrounds Randall is practicing against before he starts his day! It's the exact same paper!!

That can only mean one thing...

Randall is Andy's Monster!

I know I suggested earlier that Andy's door had already been destroyed but that doesn't mean Randall wouldn't have the old paper as part of his warm up from when Andy was one of his kids. Actually it reinforces the idea that Andy was difficult to scare because Randall needs the extra practice against his particular pattern. Plus, we know Monsters Inc. is in the middle of an energy crisis so I doubt they are spending extra money to keep one scarers warm-up paper up to date.

And it doesn't stop there, fast forward to Toy Story 3 and we get another look at Andy's room in his new house... and what does he have on his closet? THIS! A Newt Crossing sticker - this was actually supposed to be an Easter egg for a Pixar film that was in development, Newt, that was later canceled. What most people don't know is that there is a second layer to this Easter egg: Andy has put on his closet door a NEWT Crossing sticker - because this is where the giant NEWT-looking monster that Andy used to be afraid of came from, in his closet.


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