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What is there to say about Watch Dogs, well, I would first like to say that despite some critics negative comments about the game I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the game wholeheartedly.

From my perspective, Watch Dogs is the type of game you can get lost in and that’s exactly what happened (in a good way).

Many people had mixed feelings about the game, which is fine, however, I not only enjoyed watching the gameplay on YouTube. I liked the way the synopsis for the game sounded so I of course bought the game.

Some people said the game played like Grand Theft Auto V, I see where they were going with that. It’s an open ended world where you can drive cars, have access to many weapons, and interact with objects / people but when I played it, I didn’t feel like I was playing another Grand Theft Auto game; it’s its own game definitely.

Some people from Chicago stated that the game didn’t look like Chicago at all, it definitely looked like Chicago; I really believe some people wanted this game to fail miserably.

Some people hated the controls for the game. I have the game for Xbox One so I’m pretty sure you can change what button does what for the controller.

I loved the main story, loved the protagonist (Aiden), loved hacking (my favorite part of the game), the open ended world, the characters, the side missions, Aiden’s coats (he looked so conspicuous), different choices you can make throughout the game, and the vehicles.

What I didn’t like was the fact that you couldn’t go into every building and you couldn’t leave Chicago (I really wanted to leave Chicago).

The game actually wasn’t glitchy like most open world games and it felt like a long game. I beat the main story in probably two weeks, which included the majority of the side missions.

Overall this game was definitely a lot of fun, definitely check it out.

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