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During the recent release of Avengers Age of Ultron, we can't help but notice a lot of scenes and characters that might reveal or give us an idea on what's next or should I say what we can expect on the next movie. Providing hidden clues that gives us an idea how awesome MCU is.

Tony Stark's new A.I called Friday

Lets not forget the fact that when Tony almost lost J.A.R.V.I.S. when he and Bruce Banner created Ultron, he replaced the iconic A.I. with a female one which he called Friday. The A.I. Friday is a character from the comics debuted in Iron Man Protocol story line in 2009.

The story goes like this- Pepper Potts has stopped being Tony Stark's secretary, so instead of hiring a new human one, he decided to create one and call it "His Girl Friday". The name is a play on the 1940's Cary Grant movie called "His Girl Friday" where the guy plays a newspaper editor trying to keep his ex wife from remarrying cause he's still in love with her.


When he picks up the Friday chip in the movie, we can almost see another chip that's labeled "Jocasta". Now for those of you who doesn't have a clue who or what Jocasta is, in the comic book, she is a sentient robot created by Ultron himself in order for him to have a mate. Ultron based her mind and brain patterns on Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp, the wife of his maker, Henry Pym. This Easter egg might have revealed to us Tony Stark's next A.I. for Avengers Infinity War.

Now we all know that MCU's story line is far from the Marvel comic book universe that we're familiar with. But with phase two almost at the end and phase three is on its way, it might be a lot closer than what we think.

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