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So, we have quite a few months to go still until American Horror Story Season 5 arrives. However, now is the perfect time to speculate about the possible storylines. Here are the top three horror film storylines that I'd love to see implemented into American Horror Story: Hotel:

Suspiria (1977)

Suspiria, brilliant horror film by Dario Argento that is both psychologically messed up and visually stunning. The film is set in an elite ballet academy in Germany, attended by the most promising dancers. It starts out with a student fleeing the building through a storm and being followed an murdered by some sort of monster. A new student witnesses the girl running away, then learns about her death soon after. Once in the academy, she realizes that more is lurking through the halls than what meets the eye.

What could AHS be influenced by in regards to this film? Well, I have a couple of ideas. One, this film is beautifully stylized. I'd love to see a hotel designed in this fashion. The use of color and lighting makes the sets vibrant and it stays in your memory. All of the seasons of American Horror Story have been great at finding buildings with character. I loved the house in Murder House and the house used in Coven.

AHS could also take the unknown monster aspect into account when deciding who the big bad will be this season. I won't go into what exactly is being hidden in the Ballet Academy in case you are interested in checking out Suspiria. It is a film worth seeing. I loved the suspense and I think it'd be fun to have the actress who played Ma Petite tend to the monster and roam the halls of the hotel during the night with a little lantern in her hand. It would be so creepy!

Burnt Offerings (1976)

Burnt Offerings is not the best horror movie by any means, but it has some terrific scenes to make you freak out. It focuses on a family who moves into an old secluded house to be summer caretakers. The house thrives on death and will rejuvenate part of itself with every death that occurs on the property. Also, anyone who is taking care of the house must also take care of the owners' elderly mother who resides in an isolated wing within the house. Obviously, anyone with a brain would know something isn't right about the place, especially if the people expect you to take care of their mother while staying there. The family doesn't seem to care though, since they're able to rent the massive place for such a low price.

What could American Horror Story borrow from this film to freak us out with? Two things come to mind, someone with Karen Black's creepy eyes and an unsettling scene involving a coffin and a chauffeur. If a character in AHS Hotel looked as whacked out as Karen Black does at the end of this film, I guarantee everyone will be having some nightmares. I could imagine them having a character go from being sweet and kind and turning into a psychotic mess by the end because of something within the hotel. I mean, look at her:

Karen Black in Burnt Offerings
Karen Black in Burnt Offerings

Bette Davis was in this film, too. During her old age, her heavy smoking and drinking really took a toll on her, but it didn't affect her awesome acting skills. There is a scene involving a strange chauffeur who smiled and stared at one of the characters during a funeral. This scene is unsettling, but not as unsettling as the one where he barges into Bette Davis' character's room with a huge coffin and an insane smile.

The Shining (1980)

The Shining is one of my favorite novels and horror films. Yes, I know that a lot of people enjoy this film and Stephen King didn't like it, but from a horror perspective and an admiration of Stanley Kubrick's work, I'm still a fan. I'm sure by now that most of you know what this film is about, but in case you don't, I'll tell you. It's a film focusing on a family living in a secluded hotel during the winter months. The father gradually develops cabin fever, which causes him to lose his mind and attempt to murder his son, his wife, and anyone who might get in his way.

What could American Horror Story implement from this film? Well, a lot, but there's two scenes in particular from this film that I think would be interesting. I love the scene with the elevator opening and the blood pouring out, like the hotel is its own entity. I think it would be scary for them to make the hotel seem like it is its own entity, not just a hotel. Yes, Murder House kind of did this, but not in this way. The house didn't bleed, it just didn't allow the ghosts to ever move on from it.

I want the creepy little twin scene in this hotel! This scene is so effective, when the two stop Danny in the hallway and it flashes back and forth between them being alive, to them being hacked to pieces. So scary, yet such an awesome scene.

What are you hoping to see in American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel? I'm hoping it's scary and as well developed as both AHS: Murder House and AHS: Asylum. I think they definitely can get to that level again, just more time needs to be spent on character development and unnecessary storylines that don't add anything to the plot. Both AHS: Coven and American Horror Story: Freakshow struggled from this.


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