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This film is the drastic representation of how not to develop a successful AI in today's society. Oscar Isaac (Nathan) is one of the smartest and wealthiest men in the world; he has developed the largest and most used search engine in the world named Bluebook. He has ventured into the creation of AI and needs someone to test it on. This is where Domhnall Gleeson (Caleb) comes in. Caleb works for Bluebook, Nathan's company, he is "randomly selected" among all the other employees to test this new discovery. But no one saw that this plan would turn upside down. The film is spent interigating the AI Ava as played by Alicia Vikander. Caleb is put through a test to see if the AI comes across as human, or machine. If the result is human then the test was a success. However, things begin to go wrong with sudden power outages across Nathan's building; this is where Ava warns Caleb of Nathan's lies and deceitfulnes. As the film continues more and more information is revealed only to have things crash down on everyone. Experience this film for yourself. BEFORE it leaves theaters.


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