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To start off with, we need to recap on the agents of shield finale. Jiaying manipulates the inhumans into taking out shield. she staged a series of attacks including an attack on the shield aircraft carrier and she also shot herself to make it look like gonzales shot her, to get the imhumans to side with her. Along her journey she killed many agents and many people including raina, because she got too close to finding out the truth and she even locked up her own daughter, skye, because she discovered the truth. After the attack on the aircraft carrier we have to come to the conclusion that all of the real shield, except agent weever, are dead. But what happened to agents alderan? last time we saw him he had been attacked by a scared skye? is he still alive or dead? we"ll surely find this out in season 3. So anyway, after the ship was taken over , mack survived and freed skye from her mothers imprisonment and helped her defeat the inhumans. Skye them goes to stop her mother, and her mother doesnt respond well to this and tries to discipline skye in an attempt to kill her. Cal then comes up and crushes Jiayings bones. Half of The teregen crystals are left at the bottom of the see and the others shield has. The crystals then contaminate the sea and is then put in fish oil so we can only predict that season 3 is stopping fish oil? Cal was then brainwashed and skye is told that shes running an inhuman scheme.Captain america civil war time:

What we know on civil war

All marvel have released is that the war will contain tones of superheroes and will be cap vs iron man.

Lets link it

As skye now leads an inhuman program, shield will want them all indexed so they can make weapons using these powers, and im willing to bet that stark will be making them as well. Not all the inhumans will want to be indexed and will probably rebel against this and cap will fight for inhuman rights, and join with other heroes who will help him . Stark and shield will join up with the government and the avengers on starks side to hunt them down. This will probably end in some inhumans dead and maybe an avenger or two but it will probably end with a Lot more avengers. Also season 3 will end around the time of civil war.

Civil war poster

Now a bit of inhuman mixed in


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