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Hello Guys!

Today (May 3rd) CBS released a teaser trailer for the upcoming TV-show Supergirl and it is awesome.

Well what did you think about it?

As I see it this will be a show that will be connected to the DC Cinematic Universe but I am not sure about that. It is just a thought.

The teaser trailer it self is, as I said before, awesome.

Melissa Benoist do the character so well and smooth and I think everything that they showed us in the teaser is her. Melissa where made for this roll and no one can replace her.

We also see some other characters that we know about from before. For example we have Jimmy Olsen, you know that guy who works on the daily planet together with Clark.

We see a lot of Superman references, like when we see Clark's blanket or when she talks about him.

I want to talk more about it and if it is something you have to say. Just leave a comment down below.


What Did You Think About The Teaser Trailer?

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