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Mehcad Brooks is my balls to the wall, shot in the dark, gamble, long shot, wildly risky prediction for a rising star. With greater risk comes greater reward, and I truly have an incredible amount of faith in this man's acting skills and his presence on the screen. Mehcad Brooks is probably a name that you may not recognize: I'd put money on 90 out of 100 of the readers of this article not knowing his name before seeing the Supergirl trailer, but I truly believe that he could be a huge star in the coming years, and here are 3 reasons why:

He has a collection of solid characters to build from...

Mehcad got his first big break into acting as Matthew Applewhite on Desperate Housewives. Now granted I never watched it myself but all of the women that I knew at the time were in love with the show, and they always went on about Mehcad's character, Matthew.

Following shortly after is his role as Eggs in True Blood. He was a delightful addition to the series opposite Anna Paquin, Stephan Moyer & Rutina Wesley. Eggs was one of those characters that generated a lot of buzz and a great deal of that was because of how well Mehcad was able to portray the character.

After True Blood, Mehcad had a couple repeat appearances until he found his next brilliant character of Terrence "T.K." King on Necessary Roughness. I am a big USA series fan (Monk, Psych, White Collar, Suites, Graceland, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs, Burn Notice & Necessary Roughness) and when I first saw Mehcad as T.K. I couldn't contain my excitement for what he brought to the character. He added such incredible depth and nuance to the character that I watched it nearly religiously to watch as he teetered back and forth as he dealt with his neuroses and insecurities and started learning what it meant to truly be happy with himself and where he was.

Follow all of these roles up with:


Yes, he's in Supergirl, and it's going to be AWESOME!! Mehcad is the new Jimmy Olsen. James actually, as he introduces himself.

That's right, Jimmy Olsen - and I think it is a fantastic casting choice! Strip away the racial differences and you look at the mannerisms and characteristics and I can totally see Mehcad pulling out a wonderful Jimmy Olsen. He's got the wit and the charm to match what I remember from all the Superman comics and animated adventures I read & watched respectively as I grew up.

Jimmy Olsen is the most well known DC Comics photographer and one of the few who knows the truth about Superman and we see how integral his character will be to Kara's development through the series.

He has an athletic background...

Mehcad grew up in Austin, Texas as an All-State basketball player as is shown in his role as Harry in Glory Road, as well as through his time as T.K. on Necessary Roughness. Athleticism is a growing trait to find in actors as it allows them to be more active and seem realistic in depictions of strength or agility.

Look at some of the current stock of action stars: Jason Statham, Tom Cruise, Jet Li, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy.

Compare that to the previous generation with the likes of: Sylvester Stalone, Bruce Willis, Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson.

Now, don't take this as bashing the older generation of action stars. I grew up with their movies and loved them (still do), but it was a different kind of action. These were the actors that seemed unstoppable, they were rugged and durable whereas the newest generation is all about strength, agility and speed. Mehcad can hold his own in that realm as proven through his numerous athletically based characters.

So there it is, my potential boom of a rising star. Regardless of how it happens, I'm confident that it will happen and it's just a matter of time, but Mechad Brooks is definitely a name to remember.


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