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Lets just keep it short i like action movies,basketball and the out doors.
Destin Clemmons

If you ask me 2015 is probably the year of the heroes. Marvel has come a long way and has never been this huge For the past couple of years we have constantly been seeing super hero movies left and right. Now Ant-Man is on the rise along with many more to come. Watching the trailer i surprisingly wasn't as into it like i usually am for a marvel movie specifically because of the tone this movie was heading. We start off seeing the typical beginning of a hero movie with an opening sky scrapper shot and a view of the city. Seconds later it goes a little in depth of the character ant-man and explaining how hes the one and so forth. That is exactly what i don't like about this movie even without seeing it. The trailer alone was predictable in my opinion after seeing so many other marvel movies coming out and i feel ant-man is a bit to old fashioned. The trailer itself has so many things we have already seen in the cinemas on multiple occasions and for the most part this does not seem like a very interesting description of ant-man. One thing i do like is the act that the character itself is something new because Hollywood is obsessed with sequels and copying material from 10 years ago in other words reboots. So i am really glad they stepped up and tried something new and fresh to add to the MCU just guardians of the galaxy for example. As far as content goes for this movie it didn't really jump out and catch my attention like most marvel movies now days would do. But like they always say never judge a book by its cover so i am still trying to decide if i should see this movie or not. One thing marvel is really good with is re imagining popular super hero costumes in a more realistic richer way and and they did a pretty okay job with ant-mans suit, now i am not familiar with ant man for one thing but as far as his designs go they're pretty good. Watching this trailer it felt like an action packed bugs life movie and literally the entire time i was hoping to see hopper and the rest of the grass hopper gang along with flick fighting along side ant man. Now that would be a movie worth seeing! What did you think of the ant man trailer? Are you looking forward to it? Feel free to share your comments down below.


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