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Deceivingly Ominous.
Deceivingly Ominous.

I do not even know what to say about this movie. It really feels like they created a depressingly morbid war film and tacked on the title. If I had never seen either movie before and you showed me both, not telling me the titles, I would have hardly any idea they were related.

A group of children are transported by three adult persons to a lonely, abandoned, barely habitable manor surrounded by sinking mud holes. They're in escape of the war striking their London homes and the movie starts with everyone in high but brittle spirits. The movie is shot in an increasingly somber light until it is almost completely dark at all times. One by one the children are found dead in a variety of ways that barely have anything to do with the haunting ghost of this movies predecessor. It felt more honestly like (though we could see it is not the case) the kids were offing themselves out of depression instead of some paranormal suggestion or manipulation. Combined with the weird family drama, this movie didn't at all feel like a “Woman In Black” movie, let alone a movie in the horror genre.

Family Drama.
Family Drama.

The characters motives and actions seemed completely out of character and a lot of the primary plot points came from no where as if hastily scribbled into the corners of the script. The actors did not play off of each other well at all and each line fell flat. It was like each person was speaking to a wall with no regard to how the previous line was delivered to them.

Bottom line: Whether or not you liked “Woman In Black”, however you felt about it's actors and story-line, it's sequel (you can BARELY call it that) is terrible.

2/10. Do not watch.


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