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on September of 2010 Six Flags brought the rights for a sequel to Splash Mountain and was going to be titled Tales from the okeefenokee which was going to be located at Six Flags over Georgia . and later on it was going to be located back again to Disneyland and Disney world but things got busy when some of the works of the sequel move to producing animated films there was no time for Tales from the okeefenokke a.ka as Splash Mountain 2 . Disney also announced that there was going to be a sequel to Disney's 1946 film Song of the south but this time it was going to focus more on the animation and characters rather than live action mixed with animation. there was no plot to be said on the sequel but there was a plot to Splash Mountain 2 (as I like to call it)

in an interview Tony Baxter talked about the plot which involves a chase between the brers and other animals as they try to run away from each other. after Brer Rabbit pulled a horrible prank on Brer fox and Brer bear Tony Baxter (and that's how it all starts said Mr baxter , you would start off with a greetings from Brer Rabbit that said keep your hands inside the boat and do not feed the bunnies then a song would play about how Brer fox and Brer bear going down the road to chase Brer Rabbit and it all plays Crazy cat from there ) but unfortunately in 2011 Disney had big plans for an upcoming animated movie titled Wreck it Ralph and some of the people who worked on Splash Mountain move to write the screenplay for the film so on October 16 of 2011 Baxter announced that there will not be a sequel to Splash Mountain due to the video game popularly that Wreck it Ralph caused and with Youtube bringing horrible shows based of video games like Johns Arcade , which was going originally was going to be a show about Attractions and Rides but was changed into an arcade show titled Johns arcade . later in early 2013 Youtube purchased two new shows titled Jontron and Peanut butter gamer and Arcade inmpossible which were later cancel . in late 2013 Youtube purchased 5 new shows which were Nerdy Nummies, Vsauce 3, Super Mario's Channel , Sonics Channel and Games and Wario .

but on May 9th of 2015 Baxter tweeted a hint about a new ride that he is working on and it looks like its a sequel to Splash Mountain but it has not being confirmed that it will be a sequel but it could also mean that it could be a spiritual successor to Splash Mountain and YES !!! he did tweeted a picture of 2 animatronics standing which looks alot like Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox they also confirmed that they have found new voice actors for the Brers and if it ever gets shown the Ride could come out on late 2015 , early 2016 or early 2017 . but first Mr Baxters has to get his hands off the new video game movies that he is working on such as the Ratchet and Clank movie and the Sly cooper movie as well as the mario movie and sonic movie and the Five nights at Freddy's and OF COURSE WRECK IT RALPH 2 in order to make the attraction . but just keep in mind that this is an early announcement and that the rumors may be or may not be false . but lets keep our fingers crossed for Splash Mountain 2 and Song of the South 2 .


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