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Josh Carter

The first Trailer for CBS' SuperGirl just dropped and it seems like the internet's general response is "Boo!" With it's stereotypical quirky office girl tone, it seems as though SuperGirl is going to have to piggy back off of it's 'superhero cousin' shows on the CW for viewers. Seriously though, it's actually shocking how similar this real trailer looks to SNL's Black Widow Solo Film Trailer. SNLS spoof trailer was released a couple of weeks ago and was meant to make fun of the way female Super Heroes are portrayed in Holly Wood, not promote it.

Oddly enough, Super Girl and SNL are both owned by CBS, so you would think that they would be aware of the show's tonal issues. But who knows, its quite baffling. Lets hope the upcoming Teen Titans show does a better job than this.

What do you think of the new SuperGirl Trailer?


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