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Lorraine Ziff has been invo;ved with acting since her days in Junior High.

She is not only a college graduate (from Marymount College) , she has a Double Degree in Theater and Communications with a concentration in Journalism.

During college, she began acting professionally with bit parts in movies such as "The Muppets Take Manhattan".

That film is where she met Larry Ziff and she would eventually become his wife. She has appeared in television shows such as "Burn Notice", and films which span many genres, such as "Goldberg, P.I.", (comedy), "Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn", (crime), "Mansion of Blood", (horror), "Treachery" (drama), "Six Gun Savior" (supernatural western)and many commercials, often as the spokesperson.

Lorraine Ziff has also attended law school, had a paralegal business and then attended graduate school and obtained her M.S.W. from Fordham University, NY. She then chose to work in a school as a School Social Worker and had a psychotherapist business, in addition to owning and operating a real estate investment/property management business.

She has been very involved in fund raising for cancer research and has been named a "Cancer Research Angel" on more than one occasion through various organizations. Throughout it all, she continued to take acting, vocal and voice over performance classes to hone her craft -and has been in many stage productions as well as film productions, television shows and commercials.

She is also a 3rd-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, as well as being proficient with firearms. She has flown small airplanes and loves to dance.

In short, Lorraine Ziff has taken on many different roles in her acting career and in real life, but this past May 2, she assumed what might be her favorite role - that of proud mom to son Matthew, who won the Best Supporting Actor award at the Sunscreen Film Festival for his work on "The Martial Arts Kid" and bringing the film's bully, Bo Whitlaw, to menacing life.

"I was, naturally, elated when Matthew won Best Supporting Actor", says Lorraine Ziff. "I was proud as his mom and also as a fellow actor."

"I know how talented he is and what he went through physically and mentally to prepare for the role of the bully and I respect and admire what he was able to do with the role", Lorraine Ziff adds. "I was so happy to see others recognize and appreciate that as well. The Award was much deserved!! I was so proud of him!!!"

"The Martial Arts Kid" is scheduled to hit theaters by the end of 2015.


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