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I am making this list because I have been seeing all these Top Vampire, Top Warewolf, and Top Ghost, lists all over the place and the only one I came across that had to do with zombies was weak! These movies are not in any type of order they are all gems in my book. They have to do with the undead mostly. There are many great movies that play with the idea of non undead zombies. But these mostly deal with the undead. So, I am just going to get started with it. No introduction really needed due to the title.

1. Dead Set (2008)

Why it's on my list: This is one of my all time favorites. I really dislike how it is not talked about enough. It is a UK mini series that aired 5 episodes over 5 nights. Created by Charlie Brooker, it focuses on fictional characters in a real reality TV show from the UK called, Big Brother. Which seems like the UK version of Real World.

Plot: Anyways, in the show one of the characters is in the process of getting voted off. And, they are all carrying on with the TV show as planed without any idea there is a full blown zombie apocalypse going on outside the set. Which, they obviously realize eventually. It is a mini series like I stated before. However, there are many fan edits (that seem professional) of it that makes it into a two hour plus zombie epic. Think 28 days later meets the Truman Show.

2. 28 Days Later (2002)

Why it's on my list: Another UK film. Most of you probably have heard of this one before. Well, I hope you have. But, still it deserves a spot on my list for sure. Very Dark and intense. Really, the first film to trademark the fast and furious zombie. Directed by Danny Boyle who also directed Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, and The Beach. It was written by Alex Garland who also wrote Sunshine and directed the film Ex Machina. Also, I just wanted to add that the soundtrack for this film is incredible.

Plot: The films main protagonist is played by Cillian Murphy who wakes from a comma and realizes that he is now living in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by very intense and very fast zombies. Honestly, if the zombie apocalypse did happen and they were the mindless, slow limping zombies I'd be pretty pumped on it. Other then the whole everyone you know is dead and walking around trying to eat you part. But, raged filled, blood spitting, track star zombies, no thank you. Poor Jim (Cilian Murphy) having to deal with a zombie apocalypse on steroids. I feel for you Jim!

3. Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Why it's on my list: This is a classic! There is a remake of this film done by the talented Zack Snyder which is also a great movie in itself. But, something about the original really holds a special place in my heart. It is much more raw and seems a bit more realistic then the remake. It starts out where the Night of the Living Dead left off. So, there is not much set up in the beginning. But, who really needs one in a zombie film. There are zombies, it's the apocalypse, try not to die.

Plot: It follows a group of survivors that stumble upon a pretty awesome mall. Romero does a awesome job showing the dynamics of a group trying to survive the end of the world, expanding through a long period of time. I can't stay in a mall for more then a hour. So, watching this group survive in one for months is unnerving in itself.

4. Shaun of the Dead. (2004)

Why it's on my list: Before I start talking about how awesome this movie is, let me just say, I LOVE SIMON PEGG. If your tired of the dark and sad side of zombie films (which I wouldn't understand) this is a breath of fresh air. It is the first installment of Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy followed by 2007's Hot Fuzz and 2013's The World's End. Also, very good movies but not zombie related so I wont talk about those.

Plot: This horror comedy follows Shaun (Simon Pegg) whose life is not going as he planned it. He has a bad job, his girlfriend breaks up with him, and does the same thing everyday. Giving a nod to how we are all zombies in the sense of how our lives become so repetitive. After, the zombies hit the movie follows Shaun and his stoner friend, Ed (Nick Frost) getting his loved ones and reaching a safe haven, the Winchester AKA the pub. A bar is defiantly better then a mall to wait out the zombie apocalypse. Unless there is a bar in the mall, but that is neither here or there. Back to what I was saying... Watch this movie it's hilarious, it's entertaining, and it has a lot of zombies.

5. [REC] (2007)

Why it's on my list: This film is seriously creepy. The american version is called, Quarantine. REC is a Spanish found footage film. Which, I am not usually a fan of. Due, to the fact that it gives many film makers an excuse to make sub par movies. But, when its done right man is it awesome. And, they do it right in this film. It is a Spanish film so it has English subtitles, and if you're one of those people who say, "I don't watch movies to read.." Get over yourself. There are 4 of these films and they are all worth watching.

Plot: A TV reporter named, Angela (Manuela Velasco) and her Camera man, Pablo are documenting a fire house. The fire house soon receives a call that a old women is trapped in her apartment. The TV crew follows the firemen to the call and find that its not what it seems to be. Yes, you guessed it, she is all zombiefied and hungry. The building eventually gets sealed off by the military or in other words quarantined (insert winking emoji here.) And, the rest of the movie focuses on how the other residents, TV crew, and the first respondents of the incident survive trapped in an apartment building filled with very fast and very scary zombies.

6. La Horde (2009)

Why it's on my list: La Horde is a french movie from you guessed it from France. So, again it has subtitles, like I've said before, get over it. It is co-written and directed by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher. If you are into a lot of gore and some good ol' fashion zombie killing give this one a try. It is hell of a lot of fun to watch. Lots of guns, lots of zombies and lots of blood. From beginning to end it is fast paced and action packed. Not to much character development in this film. However, who is thinking, I don't feel to much depth coming from this character, while he is cutting down 30 zombies with a machine gun?

Plot: Basically it revolves around a group of crooked cops. One of them is killed by a drug lord and they vow revenge on him. They end up going to his hideout, which is a pretty horrible looking high rise in Paris, I believe. They try storming in there like a half cocked swat team and end up getting captured. This when shit goes to hell and the crooked cops end up working with the criminals to combat the zombie infection. Give it a watch defiantly worth it.

7. Rammbock: Berlin Undead (2010)

Why it's on my list: This film is from Germany, so ONCE again it's subtitled. You all know how I feel about that subject if you have been reading my texts at all. It's a very short film running only 63 minutes. If you're not great at converting minutes to hours then I will help you out It's a 1 hour and 3 minutes long. It reminded me of 28 Days Later in some ways, just because the zombies looked very similar and carried themselves the same way. They also, call the zombie virus the rage virus. Which is the same virus from 28 Days Later. See where I'm going with this? yes? they have similarities.

Plot: This film is pretty straight forward. A nerdy looking guy named, Michael goes to his ex-girlfriend's apartment to pick up his stuff and hopefully rekindle their relationship. Turns out she is not there, but finds two repair men their. That's when the virus rips through Berlin. Give it a watch it's a really good film that doesn't get enough exposure.

8. Deadheads (2011)

Why it's on my list: This film is another horror comedy. I was really on the fence about putting this on the list or not. Not because, it isn't a great movie but it is different then most of the zombie films I usually enjoy. I'm more into the traditional zombie mindless, vicious, and with an animalistic thirst for flesh. Not talking zombies, or self aware zombies, or zombies that just want to eat your brains. However, I made an exception for this movie. It is really a well done film. And deserves to be on my list.

Plot: It's about a guy who dies and wakes up in a full blown zombie apocalypse. He eventually realizes he is a zombie and had died. He meets another guy who is a zombie but self aware also. The movie is about these two self aware zombies on a trip to see one of their girlfriends. Its an hilarious film and very entertaining to watch. Gives the audience a new perspective on the typical zombie genre flick.

9. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Why it's on my list: This is Zack Snyder's take on the 1978s George Romero Dawn of the Dead. Also, Snyder's directorial debut. And was written by James Gunn, who recently directed, Guardians of the Galaxy. Not as great as the original in my opinion. But, definitely very modernized and still very entertaining. Very faced paced, 15 minutes in it gets a bit crazy. Starting with a a creepy ass little girl zombie who has ninja abilities apparently. This zombie film has those crazy track star zombies, which would be terrifying. And, still set in the mall like the original a however, a much nicer mall. A rich peoples mall.

Plot: It follows a nurse named, Ana (Sarah Polley) who wakes up and the entire world is screwed. After, nearly escaping a brush with a bunch of seemingly Nigerian track star flesh eaters; she meets a group of survivors and stumble upon a rich peoples mall. The rest of the movie is how the cope with the apocalypse and very scary and messed up zombies.

10. REC 4: Apocalypse

Why it's on my list: The first REC we already talked about. REC 2 and 3 are great movies also. But this one is just awesome. They leave it opened ended but it is supposed to be the final installment. But, all I have to say is ZOMBIE MONKEYS!

Plot: REC 4 follows Angela from the first movie. She wakes up on a ship along with other people who have been exposed to the virus. And are told they are there to be quarantined from the outside world. That is not true and eventually all hell breaks loose. The whole REC saga is just awesome, if you haven't seen them give them a chance!

11. The Battery.

Why it's on My List: It's a very different take on the whole surviving the zombie apocalypse. Not much dialog between the two main characters and barely any other characters appear in the film. But the soundtrack is AWESOME! You don't need to much dialog anyways. It's great acting. And you can really feel the comfortableness between Micky and Ben throughout the film. Not too much zombie killing in it but it really makes up for it with plot and everything else.

Plot: The film follows two Baseball players, Ben and Micky, on the road trying to survive the zombie hoards. Not really sure if they were professional or what or even what team they played on. But honestly doesn't really matter, right? They end up going to Micky's ex girlfriends house to see if she is there and to restock for some supplies. They end up find some decent walkie talkies. And with their new acquired communication devices the end up getting a hold of some other survivors. However, the other survivors are not to friendly and wont share any other information with Ben and Micky. Micky is pretty absent and tries to constantly block out the reality that is happening around him. Ben is the opposite and embraces this reality. They are obviously not the best of friends and they barely communicate to each other. Soundtrack like I said earlier is AWESOME. Makes the awkward silences just that much better.


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