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The trailer for the new movie 'Jem and the Holograms' is out and about. I heard about the project many moons ago and thought the whole endeavor was going to be awful. As it turns out, I wasn't even close to how outrageous it was going to be. (Also, let's see how many times I can use the word "outrageous" in this rant. That's three so far counting the title).

I watched the trailer twice to see if there was going to be anything remotely similar to the classic 80s cartoon and, unfortunately, the only thing that's even remotely close is the name and maybe the make up. The cartoon revolves around Jerrica Benton and her alter ego, Jem. With the aid of a holographic computer named Synergy, she was able to change her appearance so she could lead the double life of company owner and all around rock star. The plot of the movie, as the trailer suggests, has nothing to do with that. Instead, it's about a young girl who follows her dreams, becomes successful, gets eaten up by the fame monster, but later on finds out what the true meaning of music and friendship really is and it ends happily. That's not a spoiler, if you watched the trailer you probably saw that plot line from a mile away.

Alright, I understand that the original story line from the show was a little outrageous to begin with, but if you're going to take the name, I would assume you would run with what it was attached to before, yeah? Maybe the creators thought it would be too much like "Hannah Montana" or something. I can't read their minds and figure out how they sat down at the big idea table and said, "Alright so there's a really high chance no one knows who the crap Jem is anymore so let's just take some imagery from the old cartoon and do something else."

Did the idea of making a movie around "Jem' have a lot of potential to begin with? Probably not. Still, it wouldn't hurt to have some semblance of the source content outside of few smatterings of glitter and heavy make up. Oh, well, I wasn't even born yet when this show aired (but re-runs from the 80s were a damn fun thing back in the Philippines).


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