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Ian M. Simpson

My name is Ian. I am 18 years old, and Moviepilot is the best thing that has happened to me in my entire life. Sure, my entire life doesn't seem that long, seeing as I am just barely an adult, but I cannot stress enough how impactful this website has been on my life.

In the Summer of 2013, I wasn't the happiest teenage kid. I had recently been forced to move away from friends I had grown very near to a year prior, and I felt like I still wasn't fitting into my new environment. Everything felt all strange and hostile, and I wasn't even sure I wanted to become a part of this new world I had been cast into.

My daily routine consisted of waking up, going to school, coming back from school, and then browsing Facebook or flipping on a show or a movie on TV. One day, a particular post on Facebook caught my eye. Today I can't remember what exactly the article was about, other than that it involved superheroes, which I was becoming a big fan of since The Avengers. I clicked on the link and opened my first Moviepilot article, and it was magnificent.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the post, so I clicked to the homepage of this new website. The homepage caught me a bit off guard when I first gazed upon its glory. Links to articles were strewn about everywhere, and all about some of my favorite topics. I saw posts about Marvel, Star Wars, the Hobbit, and something called Will's War, which to this day I do not know what it is.

I enjoyed the site so much that I began to abandon Facebook in order to visit MP more frequently. This went on for several months, and by the beginning of 2014, not much had changed. I still didn't fit in anywhere, I didn't really have any friends, and the only scrap of an actual life that I had needed an Internet connection.

On February 13, 2014, everything changed. When I was making my usual rounds through the site, I noticed a peculiarity. Underneath a few fan-art pictures of Katniss, Peeta, and Gale, was a little button that invited me to "Become a Contributor".

I couldn't believe my eyes. Was I really being given the chance to actually write for the website that I had admired for so long? I had been writing for years already, but mostly just half-written fiction that lacked a solid plot. Now I had the chance not only to pursue my love of writing, but to write about subjects I had been feeling passionate about since I was a little kid.

On February 14, 2014, I posted my first article: Top 5 Marvel Characters Who Should Be In Movies. I was very nervous when I pushed the Publish button, and I was even more nervous when I saw it get its first view. I remember going out of my mind when the views started to inch up slowly. 10 people just read my article! Now 12! Now 16! It felt so surreal that people actually wanted to know what I had to say.

I kept writing more after that, sticking to the Marvel guns that I had started with. I watched as my view count soared past the hundreds, to the thousands, to the ten-thousands. I remember showing my parents and younger sister every time I saw the count go up. However, I had a moment of realization. Writing for Moviepilot shouldn't be about views. It should be about talking about what you love, and sharing that love with like-minded fans across the world.

My attitude towards my articles and the site as a whole changed after that. I started to branch out a bit more, writing some opinion articles, changing from Marvel to other fandoms like Lord of the Rings with Lord of the Rings Casting Decisions That Almost Happened, and giving reviews a try.

I was at the high-point of my MP experience. My articles were starting to accumulate more interest, I won a Marvel contest, and one of my articles exploded, gaining over 200,000 views! Unfortunately, like all good things, my joy came to an end when my laptop underwent some technical difficulties. I went months without writing a single article, and my experience as a Contributor started to become more of a treasured memory.

When I finally got my laptop repaired, I returned to Moviepilot as an entirely new writer. Almost literally in fact. By the time I joined, the title of Contributor had evolved into the now known Creator status. As a Creator, I wrote more far-fetched articles, controversial editorials, and original ideas that I feel helped me grow as a writer.

This was also the time I really joined the Moviepilot community. You see, MP isn't just a place where you write about your passions, it's a wonderful place where you can connect with others with their passions as well. I joined the MP Creators Facebook group and started to become more vocal in the community.

It only took a few hours before I realized that these people were amazing! I could talk with any of them about any of the numerous fandoms of which we were parts of. I immediately started to admire some incredible Creators, namely Cassie Benter, Adonis Gonzalez, and Reid Jones (among many, many more). All that time when I felt out of place at my school was inconsequential. I had found my true place in the MP community.

That's what Moviepilot is at its core: a community. This is a place where you can go and connect with people like you. If you love video games, write about video games, if you love superheroes, write about superheroes, if you want to talk about how Bella from Twilight is a better character than Iron Man, well, you better have solid evidence to back it up, but write about it anyways!

Moviepilot also rewards its community in more ways than you could possibly imagine. About a month ago, something happened to me that I thought could never happen in a million years. I was contacted by Moviepilot's own Andrew Marco and asked if I was interested in flying to L.A. to attend the red carpet premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road. They flew me out and I got to have an experience of a lifetime. Mel Gibson waved at us for crying out loud!

You can check out my MP experience here:

That was hardly the first time that something like that has happened. Many other Creators have had similar opportunities over the past several months, and I know that many more Creators will get their chance soon! All you have to do it write, write, and keep writing!

It's simple really. Love it. Write it. Share it.

That's the true beauty of Moviepilot. That's why I started writing. That's why I still write. That is why you should too!


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