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Marcus Landrau

In the great words of Tommy Oliver from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Movie, "Anything is possible." I stand by that fact everyday. And that includes creating a Power Rangers Fighting Game unlike anything we've seen before.

Glad to see me writing articles again? Don't worry. I've just been busy with college and what not. That'll be done soon. But anyway, onto the topic at hand!

If you can create your own fighting game out of just a concept in your mind and turn it into a successful campaign (And then eventually create an amazing indie fighting game alla SkullGirls), then I can definitely say it's equally possible, or even more likely, to make one based off the Power Rangers franchise.

Now, I will admit, the Power Rangers fighting games we got during the 16-bit era aren't things that we should just shrug off so easily. I gotta give some credit where it is due. They were okay for what was given to us. However, I would love to take the elements that made it good, and expand on them to make something amazing. Something that would appeal to new/old Power Ranger fans and fighting game fans alike.

Appealing to not only the new and old fans of said franchise you're sponsoring, but also ones who enjoy playing fighting games is something that I can totally respect.

Now, you're probably thinking that I'm referring to making a 2D Power Rangers Fighting Game. And you would be right It'd be a 2D-style fighting game in terms of gameplay, no doubt. If I had any experience in creating gorgeous 3D models that would put the current-gen consoles' graphical limitations to shame, I would love to make the game look like that. But alas, I'd say it's easier to have it all 2D, which is still way easier said than done.

To put it simply, I want to make a Power Rangers fighting game that people will want to come back to time and time again because it's too good to stop playing, along with the fact that it will constantly be updating with new stuff.

Take for example, a game known as Hyper Dragon Ball Z. It's a fighting game created by a man who goes by the alias Balthazar. It was made using the MUGEN fighting game engine which gave him the necessary tools to make his own games out of it. Hyper DBZ is probably one of the best non-licensed fighting games for Dragon Ball Z out there.

It's one of those "Easy to play, difficult to master" fighting games. It's got a very satisfying but difficult combo system, and every character has their own moves. No more being the same characters with a sprite swap. Granted, most fighting games these days make sure each character is unique in their own ways. But still. I would love to make a Power Rangers Fighting Game like this, where it's easy to pick up, but requires a lot of effort to be a pro at it. would a game like this work? Well, if we've learned anything from fighting games that came before, Street Fighter created the foundation that most fighting games used today in one way or another. Hyper DBZ is no exception.

The game would have custom-made/hand-drawn sprites (Not from me, of course, since I lack the ability and experience to do so). The game mechanics and its combo system would be a cross between the Darkstalkers franchise and the Marvel vs Capcom series.

And if you haven't guessed yet, the roster would start out small-ish, having only 2-3 Power Ranger teams available (Rangers who had evil versions of themselves would have them as separate characters). And if people would want recurring villains from the specific seasons, I would find a way to add them in and make them balanced, so it's not just all Rangers you choose. Much like SkullGirls, you can choose up to three characters, and even choose what assist each would have when not being used directly.

The first two teams available would be Mighty Morphin' Season 1 (With Season 2's White Ranger as an unlockable character), and another team that comes from a fanfiction I'm writing. They would be the Guardian Rangers (From my fanfic Power Rangers: Guardians that would replace Megaforce).

Now, this would be the biggest change, as I don't even want to consider the Megaforce team as I disliked both seasons as a whole, but that's another topic for another day. They're pretty much the same team, but with different people behind the suits and completely different backstories.

Now, why only two teams? Simple. Because I would like to start out small and then work on more teams as I go. As I said before, each individual Ranger would fight differently based on their fighting style, and their weapon of choice (The Lost Galaxy Rangers minus the Magna Defender would only be different based on their fighting style and special moves, since they all use the same weapon).

Let's go over what the Mighty Morphin' Rangers would be able to do:

Red Ranger

Jason/Rocky (Depends on the costume chosen) would have moves based around using his Power Sword, making him the all-around average speed character. As such, that doesn't mean he doesn't rely on his martial arts, as they are used for decent ground combos that can be cancelled into throws. Not sure what his special moves would be, or even his super(s). I'd probably just go with his Super being the combination weapon used in the show.

Yellow Ranger

Trini/Aisha (Depending on the costume chosen) would probably be one of the faster characters, using her Power Daggers to dish out longer combos, but would be less damaging overall. She would be more combo-centric and would rely on certain assists from specific Rangers to keep combos (that would normally end on their own) going.

Blue Ranger

Billy would be special. His Power Lance can be split in half, making him a lot more like Nightwing from Injustice: Gods Among Us. When his Lance is just one weapon, he's slower with less combo potential, but deals extra damage as a result. When the Lance is split into batons, he's faster and has much more combo potential, but doesn't deal as much damage. One of his special moves would be switching between these modes and can be done mid-combo for some interesting setups.

Pink Ranger

Kimberly would be one of multiple ranged characters, thanks to her Power Bow. Her combo potential is determined based on the timing of her arrow shots and how well you juggle your opponent. The only time she gets close range is when she uses her martial arts skills, which are acrobatic in nature, allowing for a pseudo air combo-centric characters. She would be the most difficult out of the six/seven to play as, considering the precision of her ranged attacks.

Black Ranger

Zack/Adam (Depending on the costume chosen) would be the slowest out all the Mighty Morphin' Rangers. His Power Axe would have the most damage capabilities, but having the least amount of combo potential. However, that can be modified when the Power Axe changes to Blaster Mode, making him a ranged melee fighter. When using the axe in Blaster Mode, he has access to ranged special attacks, and better combo potential. And like with Billy, the modes can be switched with a simple button combination and can be used mid-combo for some serious damage.

Green Ranger

Tommy would have access to not only the Dragon Dagger, but also his Dragon Shield. As such, he would be faster than the Red Ranger and be capable of dishing out more damage. Out of all of them, the Green Ranger's special moves are all based around playing a tune on the Dragon Dagger, which include summoning thunder from the Dagger itself to launch the opponent into the air, or gain an infinite super armor buff for a short period of time. Being the most powerful Ranger, it's gotta show by how he plays in this game.

White Ranger

Being an unlockable Ranger through multiple conditions, this version of Tommy has Saba as his primary weapon. It could be used for its large combo strings in melee attacks, or be used as a ranged attack for mainly keepaway. Not much else to say other than his damage would be equal to that of the Green Ranger but with a lot better combo potential, even though he's slower in some regards.

And that's just Mighty Morphin' alone. Imagine how every other Ranger would play out. And yes, if this game was actually a thing I was making, I would include every Ranger team up until Samurai (You've already read my reasons why), and Dino Charge can be added onto that list, too because the season is great so far.

The game would always be updated as new seasons roll around the corner (If things turn out well for Dino Super/Charge), allowing new teams to join the roster, making it possibly the largest fighting game roster ever if this ever happened. And I'd be sure to fix any balancing issues that would be needed as people reported them.

Oh, did I forget to mention that this game would have story mode? Well, I don't have a plot thought up at the moment, so that's only something I'll keep in mind. Let's not also forget that there would be an arcade mode, which means every Ranger will have their own unique ending, which would contribute to other projects I would have in mind to do.

If there ever comes a time where I learn everything I need to know about MUGEN to make this happen, I will make it happen, and I'll even attempt to get it on Steam if possible for all the world to experience and get feedback from.

If anyone with a lot of fighting game knowledge and/or development experience would like to help me make this a reality, leave a comment down below, and I'll see about getting contact information from you so we can talk. Heck, if you think a game like this is Kickstarter or Indiegogo-worthy, then let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Now, some of you might be wondering, "What about a Power Rangers RPG, or another genre?" Well, Chroma Squad has the RPG side of things covered, at least for now. I just love fighting games, and would love to make one that people will come back to. I wouldn't sell my soul to make this game, but I'd definitely sacrifice a lot for this to be a reality.

Anyway, if any of this interests you, let me know. For those fighting game enthusiasts out there, let me know what you would want your favorite Ranger teams to be capable of doing. I might just consider your ideas if this becomes a thing.

And if there is enough support for this, I'll be sure to invest in making it someway, somehow. It might take a long time, but it sure will be worth it once it finally launches for the first time.

Any help towards the possible success of this would be greatly appreciated.

Until next time though, this is Mr. Couver, signing out! ;)


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