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Dark and gritty Finnish superhero feature film Rendel has launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign to raise 80 000 USD for the production of the film. Even though the campaign is considered as very big in Finland producer-director Jesse Haaja is not afraid of the challenge. The rude touch of indie filmmaking can be seen in the campaign as well. Besides many traditional perks like t-shirts and posters, funders can also try their wings on acting with a supportive part as a villain in the film or support the production by buying a condom with slogan "Fuck like a superhero".

Official Cannes FIlm Festival posters
Official Cannes FIlm Festival posters

At the moment filmmakers are selling and marketing the film in Cannes Film Festival. A great deal of positive feedback has already been received. Haaja and his team celebrated the campaign launch in Cannes with a Rendel Teaser Scene #2 World Premiere party 7pm.

The necessary parts of the production are funded. Why more?

The money is raised for a special purpose: the film script includes many action and effect scenes that require even more resources than the crew has to offer at the moment. "Since we are already in, we want to be fully in. This means we'll be doing everything we can to get people involved and make this film look and feel like something very special", director Haaja describes.

Crowdfunding gives a big chance for a low budget indie film like this. "With this money we will make the film look better and more intensive" explains campaign manager Emma Ilves. "Crowdfunding brakes down the traditional production model which matches perfectly with a rebel like Rendel. We are now giving power directly to the viewers - they are the reason we are making the film in the first place."

This is an indie film and we carry that label proudly, but let's face it; this is also a SUPERHERO FILM, and superhero films need that extra BOOM BOOM POW.

The campaign will be running in Indiegogo for six weeks. During this time the film is already in pre-production. The shoot will take place in fall 2015 and the release of the final film is in the end of 2016.

Made with heart and soul.

Rendel will be a full-length two-language film with both Finnish and English spoken. The crew consists of both professionals and film enthusiastics who give their heart and soul into the production. They are proud to combine the forces with this project - they think it’s the core of indie spirit at it’s best.

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