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I love movies, music, comics and I like to write in my free time, I live in Mexico so i know spanish.
Angel Ramirez

Okay so the Batman vs Superman tease trailer has been out for about a month not, I completely understand that its nothing new. I have to say though, I'm still thinking of the and i quote

"Do you bleed? You will"-Batfleck.

So I know I probably sound like a male version of the twilight tween-fan, thinking about his voice and all after a months time has gone by, but I think it's cool and only makes my desperation to see this movie even bigger.

I had nothing to do to today so I thought i'd watch the trailer in spanish. The dubbing is okay but still not as cool as the original. Still if you're like me and don't have much to do at one o'clock in the morning, check it out in spanish and prepare your self for oddly grandioso (great in spanish). I'll leave the video here.


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