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Only a short while ago, the Season Three Finale of Arrow had aired. It wasn't a great finale, anti-climatic, some awkward twists, definitely could have been better. What can be said is that this finale had left us with a lot to process so I thought I'd break down what all of this means for Arrow. SPOILER WARNING!!

Brief talk about Supergirl, looks cool and nice to see it has a sense of humour. Also, it's nice that Superman plays a small part on the show. It's definitely on my "To Watch" list.

Olicity Drives Off Into The Sunset

After quite the spiritual journey, Oliver has chosen his civilian identity over the Arrow. With the Arrow supposedly dead and a lot of friends left behind to save Starling, Oliver has decided to retire and spend a well earned vacation with Felicity at what I assume is Lian Yu.

There are a few problems with this, the scenario Oliver is in feels like it would be more fitting for series finale even though we know that Arrow isn't going away any time soon so Oliver's retirement will probably be short-lived. I like it and I hope this will have some time develop before Oliver has to don the hood once more.

Young Oliver Needs Some Space

After watching Akio die and having tortured General Shrieve, Oliver refuses to go back to Starling City, afraid of his family seeing him as a monster. This probably means that Oliver will be returning to Lian Yu to do some serious thinking and open up the flashbacks for Season 4.

So what exactly is going to happen on the island? I think Arrow might be taking a tip from The Flash and toning down the flashbacks. The flashbacks haven't been working lately and perhaps it's best for them to only be in every couple of episodes. Oliver will probably not be taking on any real threats and just training and turning into the man he needs to be to save Starling City. There's only so long before Oliver has to reach the point where he returns home so I imagine there aren't many flashbacks left.

Heroes Galore!

We have not one, but three people taking another step further to becoming the hero they are destined to be. Oliver is passing the torch to John Diggle to be the guardian of Starling City and is even considering putting on a costume. Can't wait to see what it's like! He's gonna be a bad-ass! With guns and stuff!

Thea finally donned the Arsenal costume to save Starling City from Ra's al Ghul and already has a name. Even though she wanted Red Arrow, Speedy seems a bit more fitting. Let's hope Oliver takes a tip from Thea and starts calling himself "Green Arrow" in the near future. Judging from the newspaper in The Flash, this is inevitable.

Taking inspiration from his nanites and Brie Larvan, Ray has decided to turn from a discount Iron-Man into a discount Ant-Man. It doesn't sound as cool as it actually is. He's going to be awesome! He's still working out the kinks but we should be seeing shrinking in action by the time Legends Of Tomorrow airs.

The New Demon's Head

Ra's al Ghul is killed but seems at peace with Oliver's victory. Through an agreement, Malcolm Merlyn has become the new leader of the League Of Assassins with Nyssa by his side. I don't expect to see much of him in the future and will have as much presence as the League did in Season 2. This is probably the best place for the character to be so good job writers.

Things Are About To Get Darhk!

The Damien sub-plot in this episode felt seriously underused and very anti-climatic, although it was anice way of showing Damien's cunning. By this point, it is clear he will be the main antagonist of Season 4 and Diggle will get justice for his brother's assassination. I'm disappointed he didn't properly show up in the episode but it's clear that he is going to be a big threat for Team Arrow soon.


What Was Your Favourite Moment From The Finale?


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