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The upcoming Limitless tv series has been gaining buzz online since the show was first announced and currently the trailer is up on youtube for everyone's viewing pleasure.Limitless was originally a movie that came out in 2011 and featured Bradley Cooper as the title character who comes across a pill the improves his mental acuity and allows him to do things he never thought were possible as well as navigate his social life and career .The new show seems to be a continuation that follows a new protagonist who acquires the pill from Bradley Cooper's character and some how he ends up helping the police with criminal cases or simply gets caught up in criminal investigations.The show looks to be a successful continuation based on a number of factors which will be explained below.

This show has the potential to be just as good as the movie considering the talent behind it and the fact that Bradley Cooper is producing the show and will be heavily involved with its progression and growth.Cooper is also in the trailer for the show and will have a recurring role, the exact extent of it is unclear.When watching the trailer you will have a rush of nostalgia as you see Bradley Cooper talking to the new protagonist about the pill and what it could mean for him and his future.The handing of the torch seems to be going well for this show considering how nervous people were when they found out about its conception and creation.

Ultimately the show could go in a number of directions and the plot could be twisted in a number of different ways but we'll see how the show goes before speculation about that commences.Limitless has not only been an inventive sci-fi film but it has also raised questions about the evolution and enhancement of humans through medicine or drugs.One can only imagine what would happen if NZT was real and in circulation but for now we can let the imagination play with that idea. Are you excited yet?


Limitless premiers this fall on CBS.


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