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Now as you may all know, there is a new Joker in town. This one, is played by Jared Leto. If you don't know the story, the beloved Health Ledger passed away in 2008 and left everyone heartbroken. Now, he has been replaced by the soon-to-be Joker, and the picture above was shown of him. Here are a few reasons he could possibly be the BEST JOKER we will have.

Starting off, our list. He is what Joker truly is meant to be.

Ok, let me say the word JOKER. What words do you think off right away? I think of "Madman" "Psycho" "Serial Killer "Deranged" and "Crazy". Now tell me you don't see that in this photo:


This kind of Joker may as well be the coolest and most fun-to-watch Joker to date. So let me run through some words.


He will think of ideas no criminal in the right mind would, and clearly express what he wants, as seen with the tattoos.


He will do what he wants. Enough said there. And if that is true, then this movie could be the most action-packed and crazy adventure any superhero movie has ever delivered.


A serial killer is a spree-reigning killer with nothing but a pure psycho heart. This could make things very intense and suspenseful.

This Joker will be the most fun and over-the-top Joker yet.

Now, if one were to sign Jared Leto as the Joker, they would need a proper crazy plan if they were to hire a man of so many acting abilities ( he won an Academy Award / Oscar for portraying a transgender ). Now analyze the new Joker.

Deranged Tattoo's.

Bruised Teeth.

Crazed Expression

Yep, this man will do anything to get what he wants. Health ledger's Joker was brilliant and he did express that this Joker "Just wants to watch the world burn", but he did not express it too much. This Joker, on the other hand, has already expressed by his body language ( and you know how important that is ) how crazy and intense his character will be. We can expect to see random high-profile explosions, the killing of civilians, him burning what he needed for the hell of it, and possibly a murder of his own partners just because he's the Joker.

He is the "Joker"

No matter how much people may critisize this new Joker, we must realize that he is indeed the Joker. The only villain in history to not just hold civilians as hostages but to actually kill then with no hero being able to stop him. One of the only villains to get away with what he does, and one of the most over-the-top and crazy villains to hit the big screen. This major element; the Joker, is what will make Suicide Squad a great action flick. And if you ask me, it might as well be the most over-the-top and best action movie of that year.


But I may not be correct! Vote down below if you agree or have something else to say.


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