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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
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We're now only days away from the long awaited season finale of The Flash. The latest episode was a bit of a disappointment but I mainly blame the advertising. We've waited for a long time, these things have to happen in the finale.


Since the Pilot, we've had so many questions, so little answers. What we do know is Eobard Thawne, a man from several centuries into the future, had been a long time enemy of The Flash until he travelled back in time, attempted to kill a young Barry but ended up killing his mother instead. Eobard lost his powers and was stuck in the past.

Eobard then killed Harrison Wells who would start up a particle accelerator to give The Flash his powers. Eobard stole Harrison's identity and created the accelerator early to jump start Flash's powers so he can return to his own time.

There's still a lot of back story to cover. How did he become the Reverse-Flash in the first place? How did he travel back in time? Why does he hate Barry? What exactly happened to Barry from the timeline that Eobard altered? There's a fair bit there and I'm hoping they can explain all of that in one hour. Do not disappoint me Flash.


This has clearly been the direction that this show was taking, having Barry travel back in time to save his mother only to have the timeline drastically changed. The finale appears to be going deep into time travel and I would like to see something close to the scale of Flashpoint before the season's end.

This would lead into Season 2 where Barry is stuck in a different timeline and has to figure out a way to return to his own while running a way from vengeance hungry Eobard. There's a lot of potential there, don't waste it.

An Epic Showdown

These two speedsters are yet to have a great battle that could match the stadium fight in the mid-season finale. Rogue Air felt too short and random, I want something epic on a very large scale. Flash Vs Reverse-Flash can be one of the greatest fights on TV and you have the opportunity to make that fight happen.


Are You Excited For The Flash Finale?


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