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Saw the Supergirl trailer and it was....

This was the blanket Kal was wrapped in as a baby... Strong Kristen, stronger Kristen.... Don't get overwhelmed by the feels... Don't you dare.... sniff, sniff... I have something in my eyes y'all that's all.... sniff, sniff....

......Wonderful, lighthearted and a breath of fresh air. Now what are the major complains of fans of the company that owns the rights to Supergirl... I'm leaving names out because I don't want to sip tea this early in the morning...

  • It's too dark..... sip... but that's none of my business
  • It's gritty... sip, sip... but that's none of my business
  • Marvel stuff has humor.... sip, sip, sip... but that's none of my business

So when DC gives you something that isn't too dark or gritty and has a little humor you go on a rampage about it... a nice big old gulp... but that's so really none of my business.... mmm this tea tho....

This is why we can’t have nice things. Just like Ben as Batman or even The Flash, which is loved now but was originally hated before anyone saw the first episode, you judged it before you saw it. ITS A JUST TRAILER... You see the tone of the show... Unlike other shows there before it seems to go for a balance of humor, heart and action.

AND YES DC IS TARGETING THE GIRL AUDIENCE.... PROBLEMS WITH A SHOW MEANT TO BRING LITTLE GIRLS INTO A LOVE OF COMICS? I didn't think so. Hell Supergirl is for those with a light heart audience of all ages and genders.

But the time slot.... whiny pouty face.... Gotham.... Not every person who likes DC shows will see a problem with the timeslot because their kids can actually stay up and watch it on a school night. Last time I check there were little things called DVR, streaming or on demand to watch things you miss.

Go head gripe, whine and complain over a show that has the potential to be more than just a good Supergirl show but a great Supergirl show. Widen the brand that is what DC is trying to do. If don’t care for Gotham you have Arrow and Flash. If you are looking for something more mature you have Luifer and had Constantine. And if you have kids Teen Titans go is what you turn to .... DC shows are met for all and every show they have plays to a different audience.

So why don't you wait before you go judging things. I think even Supergirl would tell you, you can't judge a show just by its trailer. For you would only be seeing the surface and not the treasure hidden within each episode.


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