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Disney's "The Little Mermaid" is a fantastical Disney Princess movie filled with far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a PRINCE IN DISGUISE.....oh wait....wrong movie. But still this little fish out of water has managed to capture the hearts and imaginations of little kids everywhere. This movie piloted the original Disney Renaissance back in 1989 with films like "Beauty and the Beast" (1991), "Aladdin" (1992), and "The Lion King" (1994). It is only a matter of time before Disney Studios adapts one of their most prized animations and turns it into a Live Action film. This has been the trend as of late with the recent Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, and Cinderella films (not to mention a Beauty and the Beast film on the way).

So the question is....who's going to play these iconic parts. If you look below, I have put together simple dream cast of mine.....

1. Anna Kendrick as Ariel

Anna Kendrick is on the rise. She's recently been in a string of hit films like the Pitch Perfect Movies, Into the Woods, and the one who got her critical acclaim, Up in the Air. She's proven time and time again that she's got the acting chops. She's even been nominated for an Oscar! Even in the twilight movies, she was often the best part. I think she's got the zingy personality and innocent demeanor to play this off-beat Disney Princess. She even played Ariel on an SNL skit, utilizing Ariel's quirky characteristics.

The quality isn't the best but you can check out the skit below.

One other reason she would be perfect for the part is the fact that she can sing. Ariel's got one of the greatest songs in the Disney universe with "Part of Your World" which requires some vocal chops which Anna also has. She has sung now in both Pitch Perfect and Into the Woods, showing her gorgeous soprano voice that would be perfect for Ariel.

You've all heard the cup song right?

2. Henry Cavill as Prince Eric

I mean come on he looks exactly like the cartoon version!

Not only does he look like Eric but he's got the athleticism. Prince Eric has to do a lot of fighting in the movie and we need someone who can do it believably. Well, who better than Superman himself. Also, Eric has a charming side. We need someone who can charm the pants off of anyone, being sweat and adorable....

yet be fierce and menacing when needed.

Again, Eric is starting to sound a lot like Superman.

3. Ian Mckellen as King Triton

This is it. You can't do any better. Tell me someone else who would be more perfect for the role than Ian Mckellen. He's got the looks, the personality, the booming voice...practice with a long beard. He is the ultimate choice to play this role and I doubt Disney would look any farther than him when they eventually cast the part.

I mean the dude looks like he knows how to kicks ass on screen. Between Gandalf the Grey and Magneto, he can definitely pull off being royal and powerful as king of the sea.

Just look as this gif in relation to the previous one and tell me there's a difference.

4. Queen Latifah as Ursula

Just like before with Ian Mckellen, this is also the perfect casting. First of all she has the personality for it. Ursula is know to be curvaceous, flirtatious in her movements, and has a large presence. I might has well have described Queen Latifah as well who brings her own personality to every role she does.

Just look at this gif. She can bring the same level of sass to the role. Just the way she walks is sooo....Ursula.

This gif compared to this gif
This gif compared to this gif

Not to mention she can sing as well. She displayed that she definitely has the chops to pull off "Poor Unfortunate Souls" when she sang "Big Blonde and Beautiful" in the "Hairspray" Movie.

4. James Cordon for Flounder

You may not know his name but you know his face. He starred most recently opposite of Anna Kendrick in "Into the Woods" as The Baker. Whovians might know him as Craig from the "The Lodger" and "Closing Time" episodes. Why is he the perfect choice? Well, just like the last few actors I have names he simply just has the personality for and has played characters before similar to Flounder. Flounder is a character that is known to be nervous and overly cautious of everything and asks lots of questions. This is the same kind of role he has played in "Into the Woods", "The Three Musketeers", and even "Doctor Who". He has played the same character essentially multiple times but he plays it well.

Another reason is that he has proven to have good chemistry with Anna Kendrick. Flounder and Ariel in the movie are best friends so the actors who play them need to have good chemistry. James and Anna have both already demonstrated their on screen chemistry with "Into the Woods". I found my self wanting the characters to be together by the end of the movie.

Also he can sing. Check out this video of Anna and James singing in "Into the Woods".

5. Eddie Murphy as Sebastian.

For a moment just forget that movies of his like Norbit exist and remember his good films and the fact that he is an Oscar nominated actor. Plus who can forget his voice acting as Mushu the Dragon in Mulan! So he already has voice acting experience. Let us remember the good times.........

Whether or not he can pull off a convincing Jamaican accent is yet to be determined but I say he already has the voice acting down!

What do you think about this list? Do you agree with it? Who would you have cast?


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