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Well, now that we are officially moving past Avengers Age of Ultron, (check out my review on that by clicking here) we must look towards the future. Towards Marvel Civil War! Recently Marvel executives have released a list of the A-list actors who will be a part of Civil War, but one name that I came across shook me to my core. This guy is back, and it's awesome!

Wondering who it is? Well wait no longer because it is...

General Ross! Yes, the last time we saw him was in the Incredible Hulk where Edward Norton was still dawning the purple underpants. But now the Marvel universe has progressed, and the directors have decided to bring back the general.

Doesn't it all start to make much more sense at this point? The general will be the poster-boy for the Pro-registration act, alongside Tony. It is perfect for his character, since he has been against meta-humans since the very start when he tried to hunt down the Hulk. Although towards the end he had a change of heart, he could still be in favour of the act.

I also loved him in the Hulk movie, I felt he was a really good side antagonist. I loved him in that role, and I feel that is exactly how he should be portrayed in Civil War.

Three Reasons Why It's Great to have the General Back

1) Tony Stark vs the general

I would love to see this! Even though they are on the same side, they are both doing it for different reasons. There will be some friction as is Tony's style (Ask captain, the rest of the Avengers, Nick Fury, Coulson, Maria Hill, Pepper Potts, Ultron, Killian, or the Mandarin if you don't believe me) and this will be carried out against the General. However they are going to have to put their feelings aside, since they will be working together.

2) Nick Fury vs the General

I do believe that Nick is going to go against Stark, and this means he's going to be the oldest and wisest on Cap's team. On the other side that role will be filled by the General. These two against each other monologging? Watch out!

3) The General will do what he has to do

Now the General in the past his been known to be extreme, afterall his job on a daily basis was to hunt the Hulk! I expect him to carry it into Civil War. He is going to be brutal, and I will love every second of it.

Side Theory: As you know Cap might get shot towards the end of the movie, but I believe that the General is going to be the one who orders the strike. This will bring a lot of heat towards him, but the General would feel that is the only way that the Pro-registration act can win out.

Bad News!

The Hulk is not in this movie, and that saddens me because it would have been a great feel good moment if these two united, or it would have been the exact opposite if the Hulk was on the opposite team. Either way it would have been awesome!

With the general's involvement in Civil War, could we also see the introduction of this guy?

It would be a great way to bring him back into the MCU, and into the movie. I would love to see him, and he's an awesome villain. He would also be the self appointed muscle of the group which is awesome.

So do you think the General being back is awesome? Share your thoughts below.


Is the General an awesome addition to Civil War?


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