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Marvel’s Daredevil has been out for nearly a month now and if you have seen it, you know that it doesn’t feel like anything Marvel has done on screen before. And yet, it might be one of the best things they’ve done in recent years. To anyone familiar with the Daredevil comics (the Frank Miller or Bendis/Maleev runs) this series is the perfect representation of the Man Without Fear we’ve all come to love.

Here are a few points that I’ve really loved about the Netflix series.

The Hero

Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer by day and a vigilante by night. What’s great about this character is that he does what feels right to him. He’s not in it because he wants to be a superhero or anything. He does what he does because someone must do it. Hell’s Kitchen, the city he grew up in, is on the verge of being taken over by crime and if the judicial system that he serves by day can’t do anything about it, he decides to use his heightened senses to take matters in hand.

But what also strikes me is that Murdock is a deeply human character. The character could’ve been this “no-feelings-only-darkness-and-brooding” hero, as it always seems to be in these kind of gritty shows or movies. But in Daredevil, the hero actually lets his feelings slip away from his grip. He’s afraid of loosing his best friend, which made for one of the most memorable scenes of the series (when he’s confronting Foggy about his secret) and he clearly needs to rely on people to get the job done. He needs his friends beside him, as he’s said himself.

The Supporting Characters

Another thing that Daredevil does well is that it gives you well written secondary characters. Someone like Foggy Nelson could have been relayed to the comic relief or the best friend with two or three lines. But he is this genuine man who always sees the good in people and in every situation. I must admit that I liked Karen Page in this series more than I’ve liked her in the comics. Here, she is portrayed as a strong female character, who just like the main hero, stands for what she believes is right. She wouldn’t let anyone silence her or stop her from getting the revenge she seeks. Another one of my favorites was Claire Temple, who sadly kind of disappeared near the end of the season, but hopefully we’ll see more of her in season two (Rosario Dawson has confirmed she’ll be coming back).

The Villains

This series have maybe the best villains on television right now. It gives you characters that are so well written and acted; you somehow understand where they’re coming from and what their motivations are. You don’t necessarily condone what they are doing, but you can definitely understand what they are they are doing and why. Vincent D’Onofrio is absolutely terrifying and almost lovable as Wilson Fisk. Once the character is introduced, the story doesn’t go straight to him being a villain, but rather shows his human side at first. While watching Daredevil I felt as if I wasn’t just witnessing Matt Murdock’s origin story as Daredevil but it was also Wilson Fisk’s origin story as The Kingpin.

The Fight Scenes

We must talk about the fight scenes. The choreography of the fights are so fun to watch, because, it showcases not just human strength but also vulnerability. In the final scene of episode two, you can see the men struggling to keep fighting and it shows how vulnerable Matt Murdock is. He doesn’t have superpowers and the likes, all he has is the will to keep going and to make his city a better place.

Overall :

The writing on the show is great, and the cinematography really fits the gritty look that Hell’s Kitchen must have. With Steven DeKnight (the showrunner) gone, I really hope they can still maintain that same level of reality in the upcoming seasons. As for the acting, it was absolutely amazing. Charlie Cox as Daredevil was the greatest casting decision Marvel has made since Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man.

Marvel and Netflix are obviously a match made in heaven which makes it even more exciting for their upcoming series together: AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders.

Which ones are you most excited for? And what did you like most about Daredevil? Let me know in the comments.


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