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Elliott Wright

We all know and love Johnny Depp for playing the classic role of the highly adventurous, risk taking character known as Captain Jack Sparrow from the film series Pirates Of The Caribbean but lately he has been taking this role a step further. As we have seen this beloved character in 4 films with another 5 arriving in July 2017 he has always been one to do whatever it takes to avoid the authorities. But as this is now the 21st Century and not the 17th Century (Which is roughly when I think this series is set) you can't get away so easily. Since the series began way back in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl we've all taken to like the character that he portrays, it must be his incredible charm...

In a recent report on the UK's news channel BBC News, we have had reports that Johnny Depp has "Smuggled" (As the Australian Boarder Agency called it) his two dogs into Australia where Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales is currently being filmed. Johnny and his wife Amber are accused of not declaring their two Yorkshire Terriers named Boo and Pistol to customs officials when they flew into Queensland by private jet last month. Everyone who lives in the land down under will know for a fact that it has extremely strict animal laws to prevent infections (Which I think is reasonable). It was only bought to their attention when the couple took both the dogs to a grooming pallor and the workers had taken photos and posted them over Facebook. (I mean, who wouldn't its not every day you get to see Johnny Depp)

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce said he understood the dogs were being sent back to the US. The dogs have been ordered into quarantine and the owners have been advised the dogs must be exported within 72 hours

Lets hope the couple can send their 2 treasures back to California safely.....


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