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Amy Surprenant

“Three best friends explore the world of online swipe dating in Los Angeles and quickly find out that anyone who judges you based on your salary or number of social media followers is someone who has their own soul-searching to do.” –IMDb

While the acting was slightly lackluster in this romantic comedy, the characters and situations were quite well-developed. What Now is an interesting take on the new app Tinder which is used much like OKCupid to find a date. Tinder will match you up to other singles in your area with like-minded interests. And the six characters in this film use it to their advantage.

Some of us have been there – pushing thirty, dead-end job and no relationship in sight. But, they’re tired of it and decide to use Tinder to find dates.

Among the useful tips on how to build your profile such as not picking a picture with your shirt off or breasts in plain view, there are also a lot of beautiful inside jokes that the characters have with each other.

Gone are the one-dimensional characters of today’s romantic comedies. They’ve been replaced everybody! If you can get through the mediocre acting and see the film for what it is, I’d recommend.

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