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With all the movies that have ever featured Artificial Intelligence, can you name one that, once the movie was over, you felt as though the filmmakers truly grasped the complexity of Artificial Intelligence? Take a moment to soak in the question...

We have all seen AI films. At one end of the spectrum you have Bicentennial Man and on the other end you have Terminator. If there were ever a happy medium between the two, Ex Machina would be that movie. Please don't misunderstand, there is little to no action in this film. This is not I Robot or the Matrix. I am speaking solely on the movies concept of Artificial Intelligence and its ability to make me believe in the illusion of the film.

It is everything an independent film strives to be. Low budget in practice but high budget in feel. The sets were amazing and the acting was brilliant. One thing we were worried would be a distraction was the cg. Boy were we wrong. The cg looked better than most big budget Hollywood movies. All this without mentioning one thing about this articles topic, which is AI.

The whole point of the film is to make you question what consciousness is. It asks questions like, "How can you be certain the machine isn't simply imitating emotion?" And wow does this movie answer that question in a big way.

We are used to AI being presented in a very "this is above the audiences head, so lets do what ever we want because they will never know the difference anyway". This movie doesn't do that. The worst offender we can think that ever did something like that is a movie called The Net. Do you all remember that film? It was so cool for about 3 years. But then we became more educated on what could and could not be done with the internet as a tool. That movie fell victim to the times. Literally, time passing made the film irrelevant and inaccurate and mostly unwatchable in just a few short years. We do not think that Ex Machina will succumb to irrelevance in the near or even late future. If anything we expect that science will try to mimic this just as it has in the past.

We will put no spoilers in this article. Suffice it to say, if you don't watch this movie, you are missing out on a truly awesome science fiction film.

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