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Hello, my name is Akari. Akari Kekse. I have something to say. I am a huge horror fan so it hurts when outsiders heartlessly criticize my beloved genre.

On IMDB, if a horror movie has over 6.0, then you can rest assured that it is a great and fantastic gem. It seems that horror films are measured in their own way; they live by their own rules.

We, as horror movie fans, don't expect wonders from our films. We only yearn to be entertained and to be scared in healthy doses. We may even enjoy movies that others could consider as bad, or even terrible.

Today, I will show you a list of things that are often terribly done in horror movies, but that we have learned to embrace . . . and to love.

I hope you enjoy it!

Bad Acting

Most horror movies don't have the budget to hire big names or experienced actors or actresses, so they have to recruit unknown and new talent. Sometimes, some of these individuals have the chops to become huge stars, but most of the time, this is not the case.

We, as horror fans, are used to bad acting. And you know what? This doesn't affect the overall experience. I mean, as long as it is not horrible and cringe-worthy.

I was watching a video that criticized the first Saw movie. They said that the guy in the bathroom (not Sir Cary Elwes) was not an experimented actor; in fact, he was the writer of the film. They said that he couldn't act and that he ruined all of his scenes. Well, when I watched this movie, I didn't even notice it. The script was so good, and the concept so original and captivating, that this didn't matter at all to me, and neither to the millions of people who enjoyed this classic.

We don't need Al Pacinos, or Day-Lewises in our horror movies. We only need heart and passion.

Bad Special Effects

As I said before, most horror movies don't have huge budgets. So, sadly, they have to sacrifice frequently one big aspect in order for the project to roll: the special effects.

I know that there are some incredible and talented people behind the blood, the guts and the creatures, but sometimes, these effects are not realistic and as a result, they became noticeable and the movie loses a little bit of flowing and immersion because of this.

Luckily for us, we are not that exigent, and we don't mind that much about the effects not looking realist, as long as they are original and creative.


Imagine a horror movie without cliches. Hard to do it, right? In fact, the few movies who play with the stereotypes and make fun and clever jokes about it, are recognized as masterpieces (Cabin in the Woods, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Behind the Mask, Hatchet).

Well, we cherish cliches. In fact, we expect them. The girl in the forest running away from the killer falling suddenly? Fantastic! The shallow and good-looking teenagers having sex before being killed gruesomely? Excellent! Cellphones not working when you need them the most? Yes, please!

God bless the cliches.

Bad Script

Yes, horror movies are plagued with bad dialogues and bad ideas. But having Shakespeare writing our scripts is not important to us, as long as they fulfill their main purpose: to scare us.

A small killer doll, one who can be send meters away with a kick, may not look like a clever or spooky idea. But as long as we are open to embrace it, we can have a lot of fun (and scares) in the process.

Horror movies is the place where all ideas are welcomed. So come and scare us.

Bad Directing

A lot of movie directors start their careers in horror movies. This inexperience can impact the quality of the movie, hurting a good script.

But sometimes, this same lack of experience, can be a good and positive thing, because they are willing to take risks and to push the envelopment. Most of the time, these directors are hungry and full of talent, and they try to create a splash with their movies, giving us great ideas and concepts, even if the execution is not perfectly polished.

And we really appreciate it.

Bad Sequels

Well, I have to admit that bad sequels are a problem who affects all genres. But is rare to see a saga of movies not about horror reaching the sixth or seventh installment. In our favorite genre, if a franchise is moderately successful, it's common to have ten sequels . . . and in some cases, even more.

We are used in horror sequels to witness how the scariness is slowly replaced by silliness and goofiness. The story, most of the times, devolves and becomes contradictory, and even ridiculous.

But the truth is that we don't mind. As long as we are able to see our favorite killers and ghost murdering and scaring people in creative and morbid ways, all other things are just a plus.

Bad Music . . . I mean Good Music

I wanted to say that bad music plagues horror movies. But you know what? That's not the case. We are blessed to have in our films some of the most recognized and classical musical tunes of all time.

Jaw, Psycho, Halloween, Friday The 13th and an infinity more. They all have awesome and memorable melodies that most movie fans can recognize instantly.

We are blessed.

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