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In the DC cinematic world, not too many people can come to the conclusion that Superman and Clark is the same man. And no one on the Justice League squad counts, sir in the yellow shirt. I see your mind working.

Even as I type this my computer doesn't compute it either because it keeps trying to tell me to make the above sentence to the plural version:

Go away, Brainiac!!

But seriously? Why doesn't anyone recognize Clark as Superman? Lois Lane figured it out once and of course Superman had to act all emotional and kiss her memory of that bit info away. And what about Lex Luthor? In some versions of the Superman tale of legend, Lex and Clark grew up together. Why would Lex not recognize Clark maybe some ten years later?

The whole scenario reminds me of a scene from Disney's Home on the Range when Uncle Slim was showing his costume to his three knucklehead nephews who couldn't figure out he was still Uncle Slim with glasses. (Start video at 47:31 and watch till 47:59...or watch the whole thing. It's up to you):

Video Courtesy of YouTube user J. Jones Georgia

That's why I nearly shouted with glee when Green Lantern played by Ryan Reynolds was point blank discovered!

Video courtesy of YouTube user riolatha

And that's where the video below comes into play! Check it out!

Video courtesy of YouTube user Mr Sunday Movies

From watching the video do you think those are still legit reasons for Superman and Clark's identity to be separate to those of Metropolis?

What do you think?


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