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For those people who don't know, the 's (Bill Board Music Awards) are going down May 17, 2015 at 5pm on ABC and Brantley Gilbert (my Hero <3) is nominated for two awards, not one two!!

One of the things the 's are doing is FAN ART!!! You send in your fan art, tag them ( @OfficalBBMAs ) and the artist, and ba bam! YOU have a chance to get YOUR favorite artist to take a picture with YOUR original fan art!! How cool is that!!!

Just because you send in does it mean the artist will take a picture with it? Probably not but to me even a slight chance for Brantley Gilbert to take a picture with my own fan art is BEYOND cool!!!

I have gone through all of the fan art that has been sent in so far and picked out all of the fan art and put it all on this website. Why? Because I LOVE Brantley Keith Gilbert an he deserves all of the positive attention he gets!!!

The person that sent in the fan art will be credited. That is why their twitter is with the picture!!

Enjoy the rest of the AMAZING Fan Art!!!

And also be sure to tune into ABC Sunday May 17, 2015 and catch the BBMA's @5! Don't Miss It!!!!


Also take a listen to some of Brantley's newest releases!!!

"One Hell of an Amen" ~ Brantley Gilbert

Visit -----> an see the story behind this AMAZING SONG!!

"Stone Cold Sober" ~ Brantley Gilbert

This song is apart of the Platinum version of the album Just As I AM that comes out May 18, 2015


Do You Think "Stone Cold Sober" Could Become A Hit??


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