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Hey guys! So, it's Rising Star Week here at Moviepilot, and basically what that means is that the creators have been challenged to talk about an up-and-coming star, and why they're going to be the next big thing. Now, I've got a couple other Doctor Who alumni on the docket, but I wanted to start with none other than Rory Pond...I mean Williams: Arthur Darvill.

Let's start with a little bio: Arthur was born in Birmingham, England in 1982 to Nigel, an organist, and Ellie Darvill, who was an actress. He has starred most famously in BBC's Doctor Who and Broadchurch, but has also starred in the musical Once on both Broadway and the West End. He owns a stuffed red squirrel named Steve. Sorry...that just sort of slipped in there.

Now, why is he going to be the next big thing? Well, he may not be in any Hollywood pictures in the near future, Darvill is coming to America, as time traveler Rip Hunter on CW's The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. This may not be a huge step, and certainly isn't like Jennifer Lawrence getting the role of Katniss, or Tom Hardy landing Bane, but, Darvill is a good actor. That is due in part to his theater background (the fact that he's British doesn't hurt). Darvill is decently versatile as an actor, can sing and play guitar, and has a winning personality: key to being a star. Normally.

Now, Arthur may not be getting ready to star in some blockbuster hit, but he's about to make an impact in America, and he could very well become a household name in television. And who knows? He's good enough for film, and we might see him on the silver screen one day. He's just got a sort of boyish, winning personality in his characters, but he's no clown. He's played or playing everything from a nerdy husband to a pastor to a time travelling anti-hero. That acting range is going to take him places, and I see Darvill as one of the rising stars of this year.

Part Two will feature Matt Smith.


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