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I think most of us who have been up-to-date with watching The Flash or Arrow know that there is a certain city that is repeadetly mentioned in the past few weeks.......Coast City! Even on this weeks episode of The Flash, they mention that the Ferris Airfield was shut down because a test pilot went missing. Now for anyone who is moderately versed in the DC comic lore, you'll kow this is a direct reference to the Ferris Air test pilot, Hal Jordan, who goes missing while being trained by the Green Lantern Corps.

This isn't just the first exposure to the Green Lantern mythos however, last year on Arrow, we saw Oliver save a Ferris Air plane while on Lian Yu. This year, we saw several references to Ferris Air on The Flash. And most recently, to those of you who paid close attention in the seaosn finale of Arrow, Oiver boards a ship in Hong Kong bound for none other than Coast City. Oh, and did I mention that Oliver and Felicity in the last scene just happened to be driving what seemed to be a sunny, costal highway? I wonder where that goes?

Now, I'm not one to just jump to conclusions without much evidence, but I think there's enough evidence here for anyone to piece together that Hal Jordan is coming to The CW next year and he is going to be a big part in interweaving shows.

So, here's how I think they are going to do it:

Hal Jordan is going to bounce between Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and quite possibly Supergirl. On Arrow, I think the direction they are going to take is that in Starling City, Black Canary, Speedy, and Diggle's new persona will take things over with some help from the Atom and the Flash every now and then. I assume we're about to see a big wave of new characters to the CW as well, so I'd expect to see some new charcaters as well possibly including Zatanna, Aquaman, Cyborg, return of the Huntress, and many more. While that is happening, Oliver and Felicity are going to take a trip to none other than Coast City hoping to visit a friend Oliver had met in the past, Hal Jordan. I can only assume that since Oliver is sailing from Hong Kong to Coast City, he'll meet Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris in some way and begin to carve his return back to Starling City. I'm thinking that in the past, Oliver will be a key player in the formation of Hal and Carol's relationship as well as Hal's journey into becoming a fighter pilot. In the present, Oliver and Felicity are going to working with Carol Ferris dealing with Hal's dissappearance and possibly something HIVE related in Coast City since is has been revealed that HIVE is the big bad for Arrow Season 4.

Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim have stated that the 4th season of Arrow is going to be different in tone. I'm guessing Oliver's trip to Coast City is going to do a lot for that change as well as the shift in superhero power in Starling City. Oliver is going to shift from his 'fighting for death' mentality to a 'fighting for life' mentality.

Now, I think the The Flash isn't going to have a huge part in Green Lantern's appearance because I think Team Flash is going to be getting stronger and that that show will be diving head first into some of the more hardcore Flash mythos. BUT, I think that S.T.A.R. Labs is going to be the facility that detects Hal's return which will result in a scene similar to the Firestorm episode with Barry confronting Hal.

So, I'm quite sure that Hal is showing up on Arrow, I'm less sure he'll appear on The Flash, and I'm even less sure that he'll be mentioned on Supergirl, but they might. I'd imagine since Supergirl is going to open up the world to the extraterrestial side of the comic book world, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern could quite possibly make an appearance. I know some of you are going to say that Supergirl is going to be completely separate from the CW world, but Stephen Amell recently announced that he was supposed to appear on Constantine and that all the shows are able to support crossovers, so anything is possible. I mean if we looks at DCTV like this-

Arrow: Vigilantes & Non-Metahumans

The Flash: Metahumans

Constantine: Supernatural

Supergirl: Extraterrestrial

Blackbirds: Young Heroes

Legends of Tomorrow: Extra Characters

-I think it's easier to understand and accept crossovers between the shows. I think Green Lantern is definetely coming to television, and if he comes, could he be getting his own show similar to The Flash?


Is Green Lantern Coming to Television?


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