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Well then, this is my first post!

"Well what do you expect, pumpkin juice?!"

Anyway, I guess I should use this to talk about myself? I'm at the grand old age of unknown and up until about September, October time 2014 I was a virgin to the fine arts of good films. As in the works of Danny Boyle, Powell and Pressburger, the Coenn Brothers... And since then I guess my film knowledge has expanded and I have become a huge fan of so many different types of films! (Though, just to clarify, I still do love Marvel films, Age of Ultron was great!)

Concerning the nature of my blog I suppose I will end up posting a few things about films I have seen, films I wish to see and all that jazz.

And I think for my first posting (as I have to put related tags in) I will talk about my Captain America: Civil War dream film I suppose?

As the MCU is fairly limited with the amount of characters starring in this film, with both Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth not returning, and other characters returning such as William Hurt's General Thaddeus Ross from Incredible Hulk. Some friends of mine that have read Civil War, alongside myself, agree that this is the perfect chance to introduce the wider universe.

Spoilers Ahead... I think.

In my opinion, I personally feel that though they are limited, they can easily replicate the beginning of the Civil War comic. This follows along the lines of a bunch of barely trained super's, the New Warriors, messing up while taking on some bad-dudes. Their mistake ends up with over 600 civilians getting killed (I believe) and hence leads to the Superhuman Registration Act. Discussing this with my aforementioned friends has lead to us all agreeing that the best option would be to copy this scene, as the New Warriors don't need any explanation behind them apart from what is established at the beginning of the comic.

Spoilers Done-ded.

Anyway, as I was saying about establishing the wider universe, I know that Phase's 4, 5 and 6 have been discussed, mainly focusing on Cosmic events, such as Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corps I guess? (I'll do another post about my "The New Avenger" wishes at a later date) But I personally think it would be great to have the film beginning, the same as the comic. I know that many people feel it would be too difficult to establish the characters and we know how Marvel no longer want to do an origin story. However, I had never read a Marvel comic before Civil War and in the first 5 pages I knew exactly who the New Warriors and understood them. With directors such as Joe and Anthony Russo helming it, I am sure that they can pull this off.

Feel free to point things I may have forgotten to put in especially with my facts and stuff.

Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Apocalyptic Weatherman, signing out.


(Also I apologise for how abruptly this is ending, I am fairly limited with timing at the moment!)


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