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With the announcement that Sony Pictures is working on a remake of The everyone is losing their minds. But you knew it would happen eventually..

With the remakes of Carrie, Teen Wolf, Scream and the new Scream Queens series, the monstrous popularity of Twilight, the Teen Drama/Horror genre is popular as hell.. so, if its gotta happen, lets make it worthwhile!

The Mario Likes Movies Re-Casting would consist of:

Nancy would have to be someone who has proven to be tough, commanding and can easily hold her own on screen, and I couldn't think of any firey ball of rage, better than Ellen Page.

Elizabeth Olsen would be perfect as the small-town girl, Sarah, thrust into the big city.

Abigail Breslin as the scarred, self-conscious girl, Bonnie, who uses her magic to make herself beautiful and strong.

And finally, the manipulative Rochelle. Standing behind her coven strong, and vengeful, played by Juno Temple.

As for the rest:

Skeet Ulrich's Chris Hooker character could be played well by Warm Bodies' Nicholas Hoult.

Christine Taylors mean girl, Laura Lizzie, can be taken by the awesome Tristin Mays.

How about Sam Rockwell as Mr. Bailey?

And lets just type-cast Lily Rabe as Lirio, the Wiccan store owner, just because who else has done a more amazing Stevie Nicks than her..?

The Soundtrack

We all know the soundtrack was just as important to the movie as the cast was, especially Love Spit Love's "How Soon Is Now?" I propose, keep the same song, covered by She Wants Revenge this time around..

The original soundtrack for The Craft consisted mostly of cover songs, like many soundtracks of the time. Lately, an 80's-early 90's style is definitely returning and becoming hugely popular amongst new indie horror films. Take the soundscapes of films like "The Guest" and "It Follows" and cross it with the high energy of soundtracks like "Whip It" with a classic mix like "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "The Runaways." Maybe even throw in a few Fleetwood Mac cover songs, and you would have something amazing. I mean really, what better way to populate the audio track of a remake, than with cover songs?

I don't know about you, but I could totally see this remake working well..

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