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Well, if you love DC, some great news has made it even easier to love being a DCU fan, if that were possible. If you're not a DC fan or just straight up stick with Marvel, then it's definitely your loss. So what's the big news? The first official trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow has hit and it is SICK!!!

First, take a look at the video below and then we'll get into the details.

Not going into great detail about everything we saw but here's a few of the important reveals. So let's start with who's on the team. Professor Stein, one-half of Firestorm, White Canary, Hawkgirl, The Atom, Captain Cold, and finally Firestorm. It hasn't been confirmed if Robbie Amell will be a series regular or just an occasional special guest when Firestorm is needed. Finally, a last minute addition, RIP Hunter, a time traveling character, (not too familiar with him other than his name, but he appears to be the mechanism in the film that allows for time travel).

So what do we get out of the trailer besides pure AWESOMENESS?? We find out that the "team" has been asked to meet on a roof and are being briefed by the character that set the DC television universe into motion, ARROW. Oliver is standing next to Barry and explaining how it started with him intending to go solo in his crime fighting crusade but then "things got weird." Obviously alluding to Flash/Barry and the metahumans that have been introduced through the Flash.

We also find out that the main protagonist is Vandall Savage. One of my favorite DC characters.

A great looking version of Vandal Savage
A great looking version of Vandal Savage

For those of you who don't know about Savage, here's a brief synopsis of the character. Savage was born as a caveman before the we evolved into homosapiens. Humanity was still in the hunter-gatherer stage until a meteor strikes the earth. Savage is astounded by the meteor and absorbs some of its radiation. In effect, rendering him unable to die. He's lived for millenia, gathering wealth and knowledge and any other factor you can think of that would grant him power. He cannot be killed and he is motivated by a sick and dimented understanding of evolution, or survival of the fittest. His goal is to eradicate the weak links of humanity and begin a new era under his leadership. The only thing that has stopped him in current continuities is the Justice League. So based on what we know about Savage, it appears that the Legends team will be taking the place of the Justice League for the series.

This looks to be an awesome show that follows in the footsteps of both Arrow and the Flash. I am really looking forward to this series but it's not set to debut until 2016. DAMN YOU DC!!! Everything is coming in 2016, BvS, Suicide Squad and now this. Aside from making us wait, DC has really mastered its television universe, animated universe and gaming universe spectacularly. There couldn't be a better time to be a comic book fan but moreso a DC fan.


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