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The first trailer for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation dropped has been out for a month or two now, and it looks like it will be a thrilling, action-filled ride. If the film is as good as the trailer is, then we are all in for a real treat. Unfortunately, the verdict is still out for many people as to whether or not Tom Cruise is still fit enough to play one of the world’s most renowned special agents. But considering that Cruise filmed that airplane scene with no stunt double or CGI, I don’t think that his age or relevance is really an issue.

In anticipation of Rogue Nation and its epic first trailer, All That’s Epic is counting down the top ten scenes from the first four Mission: Impossible films. Some are action heavy, some are electrifying, and some are downright emotional. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to check out the best scenes that Agent Ethan Hunt has given us.

10. The Mole Hunt (Mission: Impossible)

When the IMF’s non-official cover (NOC) list, which contains all the names of all IMF agents, is on the verge of being sold to terrorists the world over, Hunt and his crew are dispatched to find the list and intercept the sale. The mission seems routine and non-threatening, but as agent after agent are killed, it is clear that something has gone horribly wrong, and Hunt is left as (seemingly) the sole survivor of the mission. Later that evening, while being debriefed in a restaurant in Prague, Hunt realizes that the entire mission was a setup, and was executed in order to find a mole in the IMF, and that mole is believed to be Hunt himself. He escapes by using his handy little explosive stick of gum to totally obliterate a huge fish tank in the restaurant, creating the perfect distraction and diversion.

The deaths during the mission are pretty brutal and gruesome; car bombs, stabbings, shootings, and, course, death by elevator. The murder of Hunt’s crew for nothing but a mole hunt sets the tone for the rest of the film. Mission: Impossible is arguably the darkest of the four films, and doesn't capitalize on the high-budget action and comic relief that later films do. Instead, it relies on hushed, intense espionage scenes. The mole hunt is instantly memorable, especially Jack’s elevator death, and the restaurant debrief.

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