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Yeah, it's finally here. Who thought that just after releasing the Supergirl trailer we would get this trailer as well? I definitely didn't. And guess what? It's freaking awesome.

Now, this trailer does clarify some things for the future of the CWverse, the Arrow/Flash connection......and the villain many of us suspected.

Sara IS coming back through the Lazarus Pit

People thought that, since Sara would be on the announced Arrow/Flash spin-off team-up, we thought that Sara was going to be resurrected some time during the final episodes of Arrow season three through use of the Lazarus Pit. That didn't happen, but it seems it will happen at some point (Arrow Season 4 mid-season finale?) and she will come back as the White Canary, a full-blown assassin.

They are taking a super-realistic take with Hawkgirl, but that's totally fine.

You would think that now that they are introducing concepts like time travel, super speed, and have resurrected a bunch of characters that they would make Hawkgirl more comic booky. No. She's just a woman in absolutely regular clothes who flies around with her wings and nobody gives a damn. Anyway, the actress definitely looks the part, so I'm already sold.

So he isn't going to stop being the Arrow for long, is he? white symbol? COME ON!

Sad day, huh? So now we know two things: Oliver is going to (obviously) come back to doing Arrow stuff before the mid-season of next season (it would be cool for him to just not be the Arrow for half a season. Makes the return something important, not just something that happens every other week), We also now know that Barry won't be getting the brighter costume with the white Flash symbol for at least half of next season. Bummer.

This team is pretty dysfunctional.

Just look at these guys. Do they actually look like a team? Hell naw. Also, isn't it kind of dumb to put Captain Cold on the team? I mean, Barry asked for his help once, why the absolute hell would he do it again? Doesn't make any sense to me, to be honest. But they were assembled for a purpose. They would become a team in the future, so they might as well do it now.

Rip-Hunter (played by Arthur Darvill) is Here!

Rip Hunter is here to tell them how exactly they need to defeat the threat....that I will talk about later. Apparently, these guys become a real team in the future. He is a member of the Time.....Masters. When he says this, we see this.....

Who's hand could that possibly be? Turns out.....

It's the Reverse Flash?! He's not the villain of the show (nah, he's going to be doing stuff in The Flash), but it's nice to have some confirmation that Tom Cavanaugh might be staying on The Flash! However, why the hell does Eobard love Harrison Wells body so much? Seriously! This guy must have hated his old body.

So Who's The Big Bad?

It's.......Vandal Savage?

I actually wasn't surprised, because he was the first guy I thought of for the Spin-off villain. No lie. Some people online literally said they thought it was Darkseid, and I was all like

I don't even need to explain, because the very thought of this is just ridiculous.

Vandal Savage is basically an immortal villain. He's one of those villains in DC that just pisses me off because there is no way to beat him. That's why I can't wait to see these "Legends" get their asses kicked.

More Time Travel?!

Yup. To defeat the threat of Vandal Savage and his massive army, they must travel through time. Seems like this is going to be really fun.

The Team Can Actually Get The Job Done!

The entire scene where they are fighting in a warehouse-like place just shows how well these guys can work together. It's really cool, though I do think that The Flash being on the team is great yet also kind of dumb at the same time because now they have a character that could do 50% of the job if he actually knew how to use his damn powers. But it's still a bummer he doesn't have the suit from the future.

Wrapping Up.....

All in all I think this will be absolutely great, and this also makes me even more excited for the future of The Flash, Arrow, and even The Defenders (because that will be one heck of a team-up as well). Too bad we didn't see a whole lot of the new characters, but come on: this is coming out in 2016, so maybe they don't want to reveal too much.


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