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From that spoiler warning you can probably see where I'm going with this. Just to make it clear, this is in no way confirmed or even hinted at by the guys at The CW or DC and this is nothing more than fan speculation. Still, hope you enjoy!

So, if you've been watching The Flash recently, you've probably noticed there have been a handful of Hal Jordan shaped Easter Eggs dotted around, from the frequent mention of Coast City to the regular visits to the Ferris Air runway. While they're always fun to spot, so far there's been little to no hint towards Hal Jordan actually existing within the CWverse at all.

*screams internally with joy*
*screams internally with joy*

That is until the most recent episode, "Rogue Air," in which the team are seen trying to make use of a Ferris Air hangar. Everyone's favorite snarky Snart, Captain Cold, says to Barry, "Wasn't this place shut down?", to which the Scarlet Speedster replies:

"It did. One of their test pilots disappeared."

Now, while they could have easily been talking about another pilot that vanished at some point, I am 99.9% certain that the test pilot in question was none other than Hal Jordan, last seen on screen in 2011's mediocre Green Lantern.

I trusted you, Ryan Reynolds! I trusted you!!!
I trusted you, Ryan Reynolds! I trusted you!!!

This surely means that at this moment in time, Hal is currently out in space training on Oa as the first human Green Lantern. After this episode, there's substantial evidence that this is in fact the case, which begs the question:

When Will We See Green Lantern In The CWverse?

Well first, let's take a look at how well Green Lantern would fit into the current state of the universe.

In the comics, Hal Jordan has always had a strong relationship with The CW's two frontrunners, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen A.K.A The Flash and Green Arrow. In fact, he's even had the two of them fighting over who was better friends with him. I think from that we can agree he'd definitely support the dynamic.

Need I say more?
Need I say more?

And with the introduction of meta-humans and the brand-spanking-new Legends of Tomorrow, Green Lantern's powers won't look as out of place as they would have if Arrow was still the only existing show.

So adding Green Lantern into the mix is definitely plausible within the realms of the script, but there's also another issue that hasn't been addressed; the cost of creating GL's powers on screen.

Green Lantern probably has some of the most unique superpowers out of all the Justice League members, but at the same time that makes them difficult to portray on screen, especially on a TV budget. To make half-decent looking special effects, DC would need a huge budget far higher than the current TV rate, which reduces our chances of a solo Green Lantern TV show to around about zero, with a slight chance of a possible cameo in a single episode of the pre-existing shows. It's a real shame, but it looks like the idea of introducing Hal Jordan to the CWverse just isn't going to happen.

Unless, of course, he does get the necessary movie budget.

Just bear with me, Hal, we're getting there...
Just bear with me, Hal, we're getting there...

Now I know that the CWverse and the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe are completely separate and that's a good thing, but what's the stop the CWverse from expanding into movie territory? It's already proved it can hold its own with good acting and storylines and by creating a one off movie it'll help distinguish itself from the DCCU even further!


  • If the rumors are to be believed, Green Lantern in the DCCU is set to be none other than fan favorite, Jon Stewart. That means Hal will be absent from the mainstream movies, leaving him ripe for the picking if The CW ever need a Green Lantern.
  • The big boss of Arrow and The Flash, Greg Berlanti, DC's equivalent of Kevin Feige, is a HUGE fan of Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, having produced the 2011 movie. Since then he's redeemed himself through his work with The CW and he's been known for saying how much he'd love to have Green Lantern appear in either of the current shows.

Now, as I said, nothing of the sort has been openly discussed by either DC or The CW (although I'm sure they've hinted at it behind the scenes) so right now this theory shall remain just a theory. But what do you think? Would you want to see Green Lantern appear in either Arrow, The Flash or the new Legends of Tomorrow or even in his own standalone movie?


Would Green Lantern Fit Into The CWverse?


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