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After Imperator Furiosa rescues five women from the clutches of the ruthless Immortan Joe, a savage chase ensues with our hero, Max Rockatansky, caught right in the middle.

Director George Miller returns to his cult classic Mad Max franchise with a bang, and delivers the most heart pounding, spine tingling adventure in the series yet.

Tom Hardy stars as Max, the role made famous by Mel Gibson back in 1979. Max is a man haunted by his troubled past, and when a group of Warboys abduct him and enslave him, he gets caught in the middle of a rescue mission. One of Immortan Joe's most trusted enforcers, Imperator Furiosa, has stolen Joe's five 'breeders', the women used to breed his army of insane, pasty Warboys.

The villainous Immortan Joe!
The villainous Immortan Joe!

At the age of 70, George Miller, is at the height of his powers, surpassing the quality of his three previous Mad Max films by a mile. Visually and stylistically the film is a masterclass, the same goes for the action. From beginning to end there is little down time. Fury Road is chaotic, insane and off the chain in all the best ways possible. Its an absolute riot! The action works so well because there is minimal CGI, practical effects are in full use here, with CGI only being used when absolutely necessary.

Whilst Max's name is in the title, the real star of the film is Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, this is her story, with Max helping the character go through with her rescue mission. Theron gives a grounded, strong performance as Furiosa, this is her Aliens. She plays one of the strongest female protagonists in film history, rivaling that of Sigourney Weaver's Ripley. That's not to take away from Hardy though, who again, absolutely crushes his role, proving yet again he's one of the finest in Hollywood today. He's a lot more unhinged and tough than Gibson ever was in the role and I think that's the reason I prefer him as the character, it's almost impossible not to like this iteration of Max, he feels like a real man. He's suffering from a mad case of Post Traumatic Stress yet risks his life to save others.

A knowledge of the previous Mad Max films is unnecessary but may help your appreciation for the film. This is not a follow on from Beyond Thunderdome, this is a separate story with a definitive beginning and end.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a non-stop thrill ride from beginning to end, the 2 hour runtime flies by as the whole movie plays out as one big chase. Fury Road will go down as one of the action greats, hopefully hitting the same status as Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Aliens in years to come.

So much meticulous detail is put into the action scenes that there is room for improvement when it comes to plot and character. The story is simple, very simple, it works, but I was hoping for a denser plot at times. Fans of the series will already have an idea of Max's character, but newcomers may get a bit lost as there isn't much development in any of the characters. Seeing as the film only takes place over a couple of days, that might be an unfair criticism.

Max tied to the hood of a Warboy vehicle
Max tied to the hood of a Warboy vehicle

The movie really sold that these characters are in danger, the threat felt very real and any character could have died at any moment. The brutality of the action made every scene even more tense than the last. The action is relentless, sometimes even fatiguing to watch, but it never gets old, this is one of the most high octane action films I've ever seen. Miller directs the film as though he's in the prime of his life, the action is clear and easy to follow. The modern trope of shaky cam and quick edits aren't used here to create suspense, all of that is presented through excellent choreography and the fantastic performances. George Miller has perfected the modern action film.

In true Mad Max spirit, the film is insane, from the action to the vehicles to almost all of the characters. Immortan Joe, Rictus Erectus and Nux are just a few of the completely outlandish and crazy characters that we meet in the film, yet they all fit, the world surrounding them feels tangible, it feels lived in.

Mad Max: Fury Road is by the far the best film of 2015 so far and you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not heading out to see it! Mad Max is back and it's better than ever! The movie feels fresh but incredibly classic in its tone and its definitely worth your time, make sure you head out to see Mad Max: Fury Road.

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